Our promise to you

You’ll always know what you can expect from CARE – whichever clinic you choose. 

Our clinics are spread right across the UK, but whichever you choose you can expect the same personalised treatment, dedicated support networks, and passionate staff teams.  

If you join us as a patient at CARE, we’ll to do everything we can to help you start or grow your family. And as we work hard to give you the best care possible, we promise always to: 

Make you feel welcome

Whether you’re hoping to become a parent or help someone else to start a family, you’ll be able to find the fertility treatment you need at CARE - and if you have a complex case, we’ll do what we can to get to the bottom of the problem. 

Support you

It’s so important to us that you feel comfortable with your treatment and hopeful about the future. Our teams will be there for you throughout your journey, personally dedicating themselves to giving you the support and inspiration you need. 

Look for new routes

Our teams have been at the forefront of IVF research and development for years, and we’ll strive to lead new breakthroughs and introduce new tests, treatments and technologies at our clinics that could help to give you your best chance of success.

Understand you

We’ll go out of our way to learn everything we can about you and your needs, allowing us to provide the best and most carefully tailored treatments. No question will ever be too big or small - we’ll always make time to listen to you and understand how you’re feeling - and if we think we might need to try something different, we’ll tell you.

The whole CARE team were exceptional, the gift they gave us this year has been out of this world.