Anne Howard

Anne Howard has been working in fertility for the past 11 years, before which she worked as a vascular nurse. Anne has helped patients at a number of leading fertility clinics throughout the Midlands and London, where she also trained to be a Fertility Nurse Specialist, becoming proficient in ultrasound scanning, IUI, nurse consultation, performing surgical sperm retrieval and endometrial scratches, and specialising in egg donation and surrogacy.

Anne has also worked independently within the fertility sector, being a Nurse Consultant for an ovulation predictor kit company, and assisting in the development of a new patient documentation storage database. She has also written articles for IVF Babble and BBaby Magazine, and is now a member of the Senior Infertility Nurse Group, which provides support, guidance and training for fertility nurses and healthcare assistants.

“I am passionate about fertility and giving patients the best possible care and experience during their fertility treatment. Working in a variety of settings has given me a large amount of varied experience in the field of fertility, and I am excited to now be working as part of the management team as Nurse Manager for CARE Tamworth and CARE Birmingham, helping to develop the services we offer.”