Dr Anna Carby

Dr Anna Carby, Consultant Gynaecologist

Dr Anna Carby, Consultant Gynaecologist


Anna completed her medical training at London University, having previously obtained a degree in Pharmacology at Liverpool University.



Anna moved to CARE London in June 2018 after holding the position of Medical Director and Person Responsible at Boston Place Clinic for five years. Prior to this Anna had worked for 10 years at some of the largest IVF clinics in London in both an NHS and a private capacity.



Anna has a specific interest in egg donation and surrogacy and was recently invited to be part of a working group at the Department of Health looking at the reform of UK surrogacy. In addition Anna has an interest in fertility preservation for both medical and social indications.


Published works

Anna has presented at both national and international conferences and has published in fields including fertility preservation for cancer diagnoses and minimisation of the risks of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome). Anna actively maintains an interest in research and whilst working at Imperial College NHS Trust  was involved with one of the first studies assessing the use of kisspeptin in final oocyte maturation. Anna successfully performed the first egg collection and embryo transfer leading to the birth of the first baby with this naturally occurring compound.