Dr Georgios Petsas

Dr Georgios Petsas MBBS PhD – Deputy Medical Director

Dr Georgios Petsas MBBS PhD – Deputy Medical Director

Dr Petsas graduated in medicine from The University of Crete in 2003. After working as a GP in Greece he became a senior house officer in general surgery, before specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology in 2005. He served as a military doctor in 2009 then went on to combine his interest in human reproduction with his obstetrics and gynaecology experience before achieving an honorary doctor position in reproductive medicine in Crete in 2014. He has been a fertility consultant in the United Kingdom for a number of years and has published several papers in leading medical journals.

Dr Petsas in completely focused on patient care and to achieving the highest success rates for all his patients


What do you do at CARE?

I lead the work of the clinic and work closely with our clinic director to deliver an excellent patient experience for CARE Sheffield patients.  I may not get to see every patient who comes to us – we have other outstanding consultants – but I speak to as many as I can.  It’s really important to me to be part of the work of the clinic on a daily basis and to help as many people as I can.


What is the most important aspect of your work?

Undoubtedly it is helping the people who come to us, everyone who needs our support and assistance when they are trying to have a baby


Who does CARE Sheffield help?

Essentially we’re here for people who are having trouble starting a family.  Whilst that’s central to what we do, we also support other people who are looking to preserve their fertility through egg or sperm freezing until they are ready to have children. Also couple who are concerned about passing on a genetic condition to their children