Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor, Clinic Director of CARE Manchester

Jane Taylor, Clinic Director of CARE Manchester



It’s such an honour to be appointed the Clinic Director of CARE Manchester. I am looking forward to working closely with colleagues in the CARE family and with our partners across the North West to ensure we continue to support patients, and each other, in the delivery of the very best CARE in our internationally renowned fertility service.

- Jane Taylor

Jane has a long-established career in healthcare and operations and has worked across multiple sectors, including fertility and oncology. She has the unique experience of working as a Mental Health Nurse in the Armed Forces with 22 years dedicated service, with responsibility for the provision of care in the UK’s largest military Department of Community Mental Health. Jane has experience in a variety of management and governance roles working within the private sector and NHS joint ventures partnerships.

Jane is an avid gardener (when the Manchester weather permits) and has also recently kick-started a new health regime with a programme of indoor cycling.