The Rachel Foundation

Our charity, the Rachel Foundation, is dedicated to making fertility treatment breakthroughs.


Established by Simon Fishel in 2001, the Rachel Foundation is a research-based charity that supports people who are struggling to start or grow their families, and those whose fertility has been affected by medical treatment.

At CARE we’re completely committed to helping our patients in any way we can, and through our charitable work with the Rachel Foundation we’re able to raise the funds needed for valuable research into new and better fertility treatments.

The Foundation is named after the biblical Rachel, wife of Jacob, whose struggles to have a child in Genesis gave the first recorded cry for help. By working with the Foundation, we hope to develop therapies for anyone who is unable to have a family as a side effect of medical treatment, and to improve treatments and procedures for all of our patients.

The Foundation also focuses on research into fertility preservation, and how we can make our methods as effective and efficient as possible.

Most major fertility breakthroughs, including the research that led to the world’s first IVF baby, have been donation-funded.

With every donation to the Rachel Foundation we can work towards new research discoveries and developments, bringing us closer to a future where family truly is for everyone.

You can donate to the Rachel Foundation using Virgin Moneygiving here , and if you’d like to know more about the Foundation call Wanda Georgiades on 0115 8528163.


We made the donation to the Rachel Foundation because without the research foundation funds, we may never have had our precious son