Maria's story

Our story started back in 2016 when we started trying for a baby.   I never thought I would have any issues although as the months passed I was wondering why it hadn’t happened yet as I was a young 27 year old.  A year went by and still no baby so I went to see my GP.  I had all the regular check-ups, but nothing indicating a problem.

I hope and pray anyone reading my story takes courage and stays positive through this hard but amazing journey.

Late in 2017 I was sent a letter from one of the doctors asking me to go for an ultrasound as she noticed some of my bloods weren’t right and wanted to eliminate the possibility of ovarian cancer.  The ultrasound picked up that I had a huge chocolate cyst caused by endometriosis. This hadn’t been noticed before, even at hospital when I went for different scans as I had been complaining I had pain for a little while.  I felt finally there was an answer even though the chances of me conceiving naturally were incredibly slim.


Before anything else I would have to have surgery so on the waiting list I went and something that could have taken up to a year happened in few months.   I’m a woman of faith and believe 100% God had everything under control.  There’s no explaining all the positive things that have happened to me despite the odds, I then had the operation and everything went smoothly.  Of course we kept trying after the surgery but still no joy, no baby.


I had my first consultation at Maidstone hospital which was really upsetting to say the least as in their eyes, even with IVF, my chances were slim.   I must say I was very sceptical about having IVF for a long time but finally, after what seemed like a lifetime we went for our first consultation with CARE Fertility in Tunbridge Wells.  The consultant was so incredibly positive, encouraging and friendly it put both me and my partner completely at ease.  He actually said enjoy your last Christmas as a couple as next year you’ll have your little bundle of joy!  Wanting to believe it so badly I left CARE feeling totally positive. 


We then went to the usual appointments to start treatment, again the doctors involved were incredible from start to finish, we understood exactly what we had to do with the medication and off we went. I was preparing myself to start the whole process on Christmas Eve unbelievable!  Fast forward one year after a beautiful pregnancy, as the doctor predicted, we celebrated our first Christmas as a family with our miracle baby.   We have a son, something we’ve waited a lifetime for... I hope and pray anyone reading this takes courage and stays positive through this hard but amazing journey because dreams really do come true... and when you meet your baby you’ll know they were worth every injection and every tear!  The amazing work they do at CARE is truly incredible.  They really are a Godsend.


Sending lots of love and our very best wishes to everyone who is still hoping for their family.


Maria* xx


*name has been changed