Natasha and Adam’s story

“We have been on a very long and emotional journey with the team at CARE Bath. Our first appointment was in 2008 and 10 years later we had 2 miracle children. At our first appointment with the team, a scan revealed that I had blocked fallopian tubes due to previous surgery and scarring. It was a relief to have the problem identified quickly and we felt hopeful that we would be able to have children through IVF.

During the first treatment cycle, I unfortunately over-responded to the drugs, resulting in ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. The team were quick to look after me and altered the next treatments accordingly. Although I was producing a lot of eggs, the quality of the embryos were not very high. After consultations with Mr Walker, we tried varying the drugs I took which resulted in fewer embryos but much higher quality. Unfortunately, I was still not getting pregnant.

After several fresh and frozen IVF cycles we nervously met Mr Walker, worried we may have to give up. He looked pragmatically through my notes and did not give up on us. He worked out that there was a possibility that because of my scarring from previous surgery, there might be pockets of toxic fluid that could be draining down and potentially harming the embryos. He suggested that I could have surgery to ligate (clip) my fallopian tubes. We decided to go for the procedure. Amazingly, in 2013 I became pregnant with the first round of IVF treatment after the surgery. We were delighted and so grateful to Mr Walker and the team for helping us achieve our dream and for not giving up on us. Mr Walker delivered our miracle son Leonard Eddie by C-section in October 2013, so was with us on our journey from the beginning to the end.

We hoped to have one more child. Unfortunately, after further rounds of IVF I had two miscarriages. We would like to give special thanks to Julie and Carole for being so understanding, genuinely caring and professional through a devastating time for us. We made the difficult decision to have one final round of IVF treatment. This time it was successful and we burst into tears at the relief of seeing a heartbeat. Incredibly, our second little miracle Edward David arrived in May 2017. The dedication and commitment from this exceptional team gave us our happy family. They were with us every step of the way and everyone had their part to play to help us in achieving our dreams.

Mr Walker’s expertise, dedication and perseverance meant he resolved our issues which led to our little miracles. We felt supported by his wealth of knowledge whilst not being given false hope. He’s truly genuine, approachable and we feel privileged to have met him. The nursing team including Helen K, Julie, Helen M, Clare and Carole have been outstanding. They supported us every step of the way through very difficult times, offering a professional yet genuinely thoughtful service. The embryologists Stephanie and Sarah used their skills to help us on our journey and explained things in a simple way for us to understand and help us to make decisions. The administration team were warm, welcoming and approachable. We would like to thank Sarah and Tracey for looking after us on our journey and showing us genuine compassion.

We highly recommend CARE Bath: The entire team have helped us through the difficulties of IVF and have shared in our joy at the birth of our 2 sons. We would like to thank everyone for helping us to become a family and they will be forever in our hearts for giving us our happy ending.”