Research and science

We actively participate in IVF research to drive fertility science forward and improve results.

Our Founder & President & Head of R&D, Professor Simon Fishel, is a world-renowned scientist, and his vision of a science-led and patient-focused fertility group still defines our approach. Simon leads our dedicated teams of scientists, researchers and specialists.   

IVF research and science

CARE has been at the forefront of fertility and IVF research for decades. Many of our team members have worked in the field since the 70s and 80s and are behind a number of global and national firsts. By continuing this legacy we hope to make more discoveries and advances that can help us to improve the chance of success for everyone who needs our help.  

Investment in research

Below are just some of the ways we’re involved in current IVF and fertility research. 

The Rachel Foundation

In 2001 we established The Rachel Foundation, a charitable trust dedicated to research into improving treatment, establishing more effective ways of preserving fertility, and supporting those who struggle to start a family as a side-effect of medical procedures. The Foundation is named after the biblical Rachel, wife of Jacob, whose struggles to have a child in Genesis gave the first recorded cry for help. 
Most major fertility breakthroughs, including the research that led to the world’s first IVF baby, have been donation-funded. With every donation to the Rachel Foundation we can work towards new research discoveries and developments, bringing us closer to a future where family truly is for everyone.
You can donate to the Rachel Foundation using Virgin Moneygiving here

HFEA-licensed programmes

We work with scientists around the world on research programmes licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, striving together to find new solutions and treatments that could help our patients in the future.  

University collaborations

Our team collaborates with renowned organisations including amongst others - the Universities of Cambridge, Chicago, John Moore's, Monash & Sheffield and also the Genesis Genetics Institute, to look into new routes and procedures that could make our treatments even better.

Unmatched experience

Our scientists also make regular contributions to the research field. They speak at and attend lectures, workshops and conferences around the world. This effort not only supports the development of our teams but also the profession, and many of our scientists have published papers and books on their work – some of which have even won them awards.

For more on what our scientists have discovered over the years, take a look at our achievements in research.