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Date : 09-09-2016

A great opportunity to get outdoors and participate in a walking social event with other people going through the IVF journey.


Sunday 18th September, 10.00am - 1.00pm


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Date : 01-07-2016

The ZIKA Virus is increasingly affecting many holiday, business and sporting destinations- particularly in South America and the Caribbean with new affected countries being listed every day.

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Date : 28-06-2016

A great opportunity to get outdoors and participate in a walking social event with other people going through the IVF journey.


Sunday 31st July, 10.00am - 1.00pm


This is a...
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Date : 16-06-2016
Miscarriage, failed implantation or poor embryos? Let's talk about EmbryoGen® & BlastGen™

CARE Fertility clinics are the first in the UK to provide a new exclusive set of treatments to our...
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Date : 02-06-2016

Meet with other people going through the IVF journey, share experiences and learn some useful techniques for dealing with the emotional aspects of the IVF process.


Thursday 27 October, ...
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Date : 27-05-2016

Meet other people going through the fertility journey and sing together in a safe and supportive environment.

Why Sing?

Scientific research has found that singing reduces stress, is great...
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Date : 19-04-2016
Tags: Advice 
The essential exhibition for parenting options and fertility information

We will be at the Routes to Parenthood exhibition in Nottingham on the 24th of April, and we thoroughly recommend visiting th...
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Date : 19-02-2016

An exciting part of being an embryologist at CARE is the chance to carry out research and having the opportunity to present the findings at National and International conferences. I was lucky enou...
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Date : 02-10-2015
Tags: PGD PGS 

Here at CARE we have been carrying out Preimplantation Genetic Screening for several years. However recently we have been able to fu...
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Date : 31-07-2015

All couples seeking fertility treatment will be very familiar with the term ‘sperm count’. However what most people know less about is 'sperm quality'.  Poor quality sperm may be r...
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Date : 29-07-2015

In the last 10 years there is no other area in the medicine that has progressed more than the assisted reproduction field. Nearly every day there is a new discovery it is becoming harder to keep up...
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Date : 01-07-2015

At CARE Fertility we specialise in giving our patients the very best chance to have their own, much loved family, and our staff are passionate about their role within the process of helping our pat...
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Date : 29-06-2015
Tags: IVF 

Being an embryologist with the privileged experience of working with many people who go through IVF treatment, Jessica's story The Pursuit of Motherhood particularly resonates with me.

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Date : 02-06-2015

Across the CARE Fertility group of clinics, ourscientists assess around 50 semen samples each day. This equates to over abillion sperm!

Andrology is the science of the male reproductive syste...
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Date : 08-05-2015
Tags: Advice IVF 

Turn on the TV or Radio, read the news or scroll through your Twitter or Facebook feed, it is impossible to miss the publicity surrounding the birth of Princess Charlotte, born to the Duke and Duch...
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Date : 07-04-2015


Many fertility clinics are now offering time lapse technology in one form or another, to improve cultu...
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Date : 17-03-2015

The increase in requirement for sperm donors over recent years canbe ascribed primarily to the changing landscape of those wishing to create afamily. Traditional scenarios would have involved a het...
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Date : 04-03-2015

It’s long been known that a woman’s fertility is dependent on her age – a fact women are constantly reminded of by media headlines and tabloid stories about ‘biological cloc...
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Date : 12-08-2014
Tags: CAREMaps 
A recent very large independent data analysis, from 27 clinics outside of the UK, tested CARE’s publishe...
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Date : 28-01-2014
Tags: PGS 
What is Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)?

PGS is a technique used during in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment to check the chromosomes ...
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Date : 10-01-2014
Tags: Blastocyst 
Blastocyst, blastocyst, blastocyst!What is a blastocyst?

A blastocyst is the stage the embryo reaches after 5 days in culture from the egg retrie...
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Date : 18-07-2013
Tags: Donor Sperm 
Donor Sperm

This latest blog is a brief A-Z for all those patients who require donor sperm and will hopefully answer the most common questions asked by patients - Why is there a lack of donor...
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Date : 10-06-2013
Tags: Egg Donation 
Who needs Donor Eggs?

Egg donation is the process through which a woman provides some or all of her eggs to another woman for the purpose of fertility treatment. A recipient of donated eggs ...
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Date : 18-04-2013

Endometrial scratching increases IVF pregnancy rate in women with previous IVF treatment failure

Endometrial scratching ("endoscratch") is a procedure we have been performing in CRM Lo...
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Date : 05-12-2012
Tags: Embryoglue 

The final stage of an IVF cycle occurs when the embryos are transferred back into the body. However, this is only one of the very first steps of embryo development as their long journey is just onl...
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Date : 20-08-2012

The first baby born following IVF treatment was achieved in 1978 during a Natural cycle following many previous failed attempts. Since then the biomedical technology has advanced and IVF treatment ...
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CARE Fertility Pioneering Firsts

1978 - World's first IVF baby

1981 - First male factor patient treated

1982 - World's first baby delivered after intrauterine sperm/egg transfer

1984 - World's first baby from blastocyst transfer

1990 - World's first baby born after micro-injection

1992 - Britain's first SUZI treatment baby

1992 - Britain's first "sugar drop" frozen embryo baby

1996 - World's first testicular spermatid baby

2007 - Europe's first baby born following embryo screening using Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH)

2009 - Birth of World's First baby following array CGH screening

2010 - UK's first baby born through PGD for HLA tissue matching

2010 - Blastocyst Chromosome Screening - UK's first baby born

2010 - First multi-factorial genetic chromosome tissue typing and translocation analysis of embryos in an IVF cycle

2010 - First UK based total treatment cycle for PGD and HLA Tissue Matching - Fanconi Anaemia

2011 - First UK pregnancy following use of an Embryoscope

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