Our miracle baby. Thanks to the NHS and CARE

We decided to start trying in June 2012, I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be easy as my cycles were erratic but I just put it down to them settling after spending 10 years on the pill. After 6 months we started to try anything we could to help us along – monitoring my temperature, ovulation kits, vitamins etc but still, after nearly a year of trying, there was nothing.

I visited my GP who referred us to the Assisted Conception unit at Calderdale Royal Infirmary. I was so nervous that it had come to this but also glad that we were getting some help. We waited quite a while for this appointment and it was a long one where, with a nurse, we both had to answer lots of questions about our health and personal life. We were then sent away with appointments for blood tests, semen tests and internal scans. After all these appointments were done, we went back to discuss results with a consultant. We told I had PCOS and was probably rarely ovulating. I was prescribed a 3-month course of Clomid (which induces ovulation) and was given an appointment to return then if I still was not pregnant. 3 months later I returned and was given another 3 months prescription. It still didn’t work and so the next thing to look at was IVF. We were told that where we lived, we only qualified to have one cycle on the NHS. After a couple more appointments were more bloods were done, paperwork was signed and dates were discussed, we were given ANOTHER appointment to return to finally start the injections in Feb 2015!

I found the injections a bit traumatic as they were painful and I am scared of needles anyway. I also had some anxiety and stress as I was so aware that we only had this one shot. I knew that on average it takes 3 cycles before it is successful, so already I was worrying about where we find the money to do it again. I knew that being stressed was not good and I needed to try and be relaxed but it was so difficult, with that thought on my mind all the time. After a month of injections and various hospital appointments for scans, I was finally ready to go and have my eggs removed! We were given an appointment at Care Manchester for 2 days’ time.

We arrived at Care and were made so welcome, it was very relaxed and stress free. After settling into our room and changing into a gown, I was taken down to the room where the procedure would be done and I was given a sedative. Next thing I knew, I was back up in the room and David was next to me saying it was all done and 6 mature eggs had been retrieved. We went home at lunchtime and just had to wait until the next day to find out how many fertilised. The phone call came the next day to say that 3 had fertilised and were developing well. We had paid extra to develop the embryos to 5 days and we had also to monitor them using Embyoscope. At day 5 we only had 1 embryo remaining, but it was looking good so off we went, back to CARE to have it transferred! I was quite disappointed there were none to freeze, as I really wanted that safety net in case we were unsuccessful. But we had 1 and tried to stay positive. The little embryo was put back and we were told to return to the hospital in 10 days for a blood test to see if I was pregnant.

After 8 very long days, I was feeling a bit odd. My sense of smell was incredible – I was smelling things no one else could smell. So, I did my own test, really just expecting to see negative like many times before. It was positive. I just could not believe my eyes.


In November 2015, Alfie was born and we finally got the baby we’d been trying for, for over 3 years. Our one and only little miracle embryo had grown into a perfect little boy. It must have been meant to be. Finally.


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