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IVF Resource Hub

In this section, you’ll find useful content about IVF, injection training and other fertility treatment information

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Choosing a Clinic

Download our guide to help you understand what elements to take to into consideration when choosing the right clinic for you.

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From PCOS to Parenthood

Problems with ovulation are one of the most common causes of infertility for women. Poor egg quality, failure to ovulate through hormonal deficiency or imbalance, irregular ovulation and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) are commonly encountered problems. Although it can take a little longer to get pregnant with PCOS, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. PCOS can cause erratic ovulation and cause it to stop all together. If ovulation is not occurring, then it’s not possible to conceive without treatment. It’s natural for a lot of questions to go through your head after a PCOS diagnosis, particularly when it comes to fertility. That’s why we created ‘From PCOS to Parenthood’- a handy guide that provides you with the important facts about PCOS and how our team of experts will support you on your fertility journey.

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Ask our experts

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We want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible when administering your IVF injections at home. Watch our step-by-step instructional videos to guide you through how to safely and efficiently apply your medication.

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Find your answers to commonly asked questions about Care Fertility or the fertility treatment journey.