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Salve - Your Fertility Treatment Companion App

Navigating fertility treatment can be overwhelming. Our fertility treatment app, Salve, is here to simplify your journey by keeping everything you need in one place. The app is designed to offer you support, convenience, and peace of mind.

Benefits of using Salve

Our app is your ultimate companion for fertility treatment. With a range of features specifically designed to help you on your journey to parenthood, that not only enable but empower you, to take control of your treatment.

Medication reminders

Never miss a dose with our reliable medication reminders. Set custom alerts to ensure you're always on schedule and track your medication history to stay informed about your treatment progress.

Appointment management 

Keep track of and book all your appointments through our easy-to-use calendar feature. Receive notifications for upcoming appointments, reschedule if necessary, and always stay organised.

Personalised treatment plan 

Access your personalised treatment plan at any time. Your plan is tailored to your specific needs and updated in real-time as your treatment progresses.

Direct communication 

Chat directly with our dedicated team through the app. Whether you have questions, or need advice, our team is just a message away. Enjoy prompt and professional support without phone calls or clinic visits.

Document handling 

Securely send and receive important documents like doctor’s letters, test results, and medical records. Salve ensures that all your critical documents are stored safely and can be accessed whenever you need them. Easily upload new documents and share them with your healthcare providers.

Digital consent forms 

You can conveniently sign consent forms digitally within the app. This feature saves you time and eliminates the hassle of handling physical paperwork. Your signed documents are stored securely and are easily retrievable when needed.

Secure invoicing

Receive and pay invoices securely through the app. Our secure payment gateway protects your financial information and offers a straightforward way to manage your treatment expenses.

Medication and procedure information 

Stay informed about your treatment with our comprehensive resources. Learn more about the medications you are taking, including potential side effects and best practices. Understand the procedures you will undergo, with detailed descriptions and what to expect during each step. 

Share with your partner 

Involve your partner in your treatment by sharing your plan with them. Salve allows you to grant access to your partner so they can stay informed and provide support throughout the process – because you’re on this journey together.

To create an account: 

Your clinic will give you its specific clinic code, which will be CARE followed by a two-letter abbreviation for your clinic, e.g. CAREXX.

  1. Tap the "Create an account" button on the login screen. 

  2. Enter your clinic-specific code as the clinic invite code. 

  3. Follow the on-screen registration steps. 

Make sure to use the same email address, mobile number, and date of birth you gave to Care Fertility. 

Multi-clinic patients 

If you're getting treatment at more than one Care Fertility location, Salve lets you add multiple clinics to your account. It doesn’t matter which clinic you start with - you can add others later. 

If you are having any technical issues, please email

Download the app

Salve is designed with your needs in mind. We aim to make your fertility treatment experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Download Salve today and take control of your fertility journey with confidence and ease.