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Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance that you pay for or you have through work, you may be entitled to fertility treatment as part of your package.

What am I entitled to?

Each private healthcare insurance policy is different, we advise that you speak with your insurer directly to understand your entitlement and fee limits before booking any treatment.

How do I claim through my insurance?

If you’re entitled to fertility treatments through your private healthcare insurer, you will need to speak to them directly. They will provide you with a treatment authorisation number. 

Private insurers we work with:

Why choose Care Fertility?

Expert fertility specialists

Our fertility specialists are experts in their field and have pioneered innovative treatments and technology to optimise your chances of success. You’ll be supported every step of the way, from initial enquiry, through to treatment, and aftercare.

Simple payment programmes

Understanding your options with Care Fertility is simple, and our partnership with Access Fertility gives you access to a range of payment options, without having to sacrifice the quality of your treatment. 

Award-winning Technology

Care Fertility was the first UK clinic to introduce time lapse imaging, and we developed this into our own award-winning embryo selection model - Caremaps-AI. This technology is exclusive to our labs and helps us to monitor and select the best embryo – enhancing the chance of you having successful pregnancy.

Industry-leading laboratories

Care Fertility’s industry-leading labs and embryology teams will prepare all embryos for transfer and fertilisation, in addition to the preparation of sperm and embryo cultures – meaning nothing is outsourced and is over always seen by our specialist teams to give you the best IVF treatment in the UK.

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At Care Fertility we deliver truly exceptional patient care, our dedicated teams are on hand to support you at every stage of your fertility journey.
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