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Carepay Funding

We know that when you’re thinking about IVF, funding your treatment is often one of your most important considerations. At Care Fertility, there are many ways you can fund your fertility treatment, such as through NHS funding, or our exclusive IVF funding packages, Carepay.

Help paying for IVF & fertility treatment with Carepay

Discovering you might need IVF to have a baby can be a very emotional time and understanding what treatment you need and how to fund the cost of your treatment are important decisions. You want the best advice and guidance to make the right choices. If you come to Care Fertility, we will design an individual treatment approach for you, and provide you with a fully costed treatment plan. You will also have access to our Carepay funding packages which we have designed to make the cost of your treatment easier to manage.

  • Up to 100% refund on your IVF Treatment if you don't have a baby

  • IVF Success is defined as having a baby, not just getting pregnant

  • Peace of mind you have a plan in place

  • Our programmes will on average save patients money but will cost more if you have a baby on your first cycle.

  • There is a 3 year time limit in place to complete the programme, the 3 year period commences at the start of your first cycle.

  • You will receive a full cost estimate for any other treatment options recommended by your Consultant. These additional costs will not be refunded.

  • Please note: initial consultation, pre-treatment scans, semen analysis, some blood tests, any other investigation or diagnosis treatments and the cost of drugs is not included. The cost of drugs will vary depending on each individual patient’s medical indicators and it can be purchased via the clinic or independently for a small charge.

All Carepay IVF Packages include

Here is some information on what Carepay IVF packages include.

Care Fertility was the first UK clinic to introduce time-lapse imaging, and we developed this into our own unique embryo selection model - Caremaps-AI®. This uses algorithms developed by our scientists and used only in our clinics, to help us select the embryos which are most likely to have a higher chance of a live birth. The normal cost of Caremaps-AI® is £995 but when you choose any of our Carepay funding packages it is free.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue that normally grows in the uterus implants and grows in other places in your body and can cause scarring, which may block your fallopian tubes. Mild cases of Endometriosis can be treated with a procedure known as a laparoscopy. More severe cases however can cause more serious fertility issues.

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