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Univfy Pre IVF Report

What are my personal chances of success with IVF?

At Care Fertility, we understand that the decision to pursue IVF can feel overwhelming when you're unsure of your individual chances of success. We're delighted to provide our patients with their Univfy PreIVF Reports at no extra cost, helping you make informed choices regarding your fertility journey and financial plans.

Your report is tailored to your unique circumstances, drawing on your comprehensive health profile to deliver precise forecasts regarding your IVF success prospects. Numerous factors, such as your age, BMI, and ovarian health, are carefully considered.

Univfy uses ground-breaking technology developed by Stanford University researchers, to predict treatment outcomes that are much more accurate than age-based estimations.

The Care Fertility team will create your custom Univfy PreIVF Report following completion of your fertility assessments or diagnostic tests. Your doctor will then discuss the findings with you during your next consultation or follow-up appointment.

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In your personalised report, you will find:

  • Your probability of success in one, two, and three IVF cycles

  • How your chances compare with other patients at our clinic

  • Individual factors that impact your chances of IVF success

  • Your reproductive history

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Do all clinics offer the report?

Currently, the Univfy report is only available at our Birmingham and London clinics. However, we hope to roll this out to all of our clinics in the near future.