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    Care Fertility clinics in...

    Care Fertility clinics in Spain - IVF-Life group IVF-Life is recognised as a leader in the field of reproductive medicine in Spain, achieving some of the highest pregnancy rates in Europe. There are IVF-Life clinics in Treatment in UK and Spain If you are looking to combine treatment in UK and Spain, our UK and Spanish teams will ensure you have an exceptional experience
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    Media For all media and journalist enquiries, please contact the Care Fertility press team
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    Stephanie's Story

    Stephanie's Story Sherry and I met at university, fell in love and got married. We couldn’t wait to be parents! Being a mother has always been my greatest dream. I’d When nothing happened, we turned to over-the-counter remedies. Slowly the dream of holding a baby turned into a nightmare of abbreviations while TTC (trying to conceive). There were , In the end it all be
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    Toni and Ashley's Story

    Toni and Ashley's Story Finding out that treatment for a medical condition could impact future fertility often prompts a wave of overwhelming emotions and questions. In particular, cancer patients sometimes just assume that their In 2012, Toni Smith, then aged 22, discovered that she had cervical cancer. Knowing that treatment could make her infertile, Toni an
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    Turner's Syndrome - Ruth...

    Turner's Syndrome - Ruth and Alan I was diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome when I was about 13, and as soon as my parents explained the condition I put two and two together and asked if “Even though I was only young I knew that I wanted children when I was older. I remember feeling empty when it was confirmed to me that I would , My parents researched the condition and
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    Jenna and Lydia's Shared...

    Jenna and Lydia's Shared Motherhood Shared motherhood helped Lydia and Jenna have a family of their own through the unique experience of intra-partner egg donation. Read their inspiring story, and learn more about their We were unsure where to start the process but figured our local GP may be able to help. Unfortunately this wasn’t particularly fruitful - we found out
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    The Flatters Family

    The Flatters Family Freya Flatters was the 1000th baby to be born using CAREmaps time-lapse imaging! CARE Fertility London Mum Belinda explains her journey to motherhood with the help of CAREmaps. NHS funded treatment Our journey with CARE Fertility LondonMy husband and I tried for about two years before we went to the doctor who then recommended that s
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    Embryo time lapse imaging

    Embryo time lapse imaging Caremaps-AI, Care’s unique artificial intelligence embryo selection model Artificial intelligence is being introduced into many aspects of our lives. From speech and handwriting recognition, to gaming and healthcare. It has been demonstrated that Artificial Intelligence, specifically ‘Machine Learning How did Care produce an artificial inte
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    Success Rates

    Success Rates Care Fertility clinics deliver excellent IVF success rates for all fertility treatments and patient groups. We know that going through fertility treatment can be challenging. We understand that you need clarity of information on things like success rates and costs. You also need to know Understanding success rates When you look at success rates, it is g
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    IVF World Firsts

    IVF World Firsts 1978World's first IVF baby1981First male factor patients treated1982Britain's first IVF twins1982World's first baby delivered after intrauterine sperm/egg transfer1984Britain's first IVF triplets1984World's first baby from
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    Dr Mahshid Nickkho-Amiry

    Dr Mahshid Nickkho-Amiry Dr Nickkho-Amiry, MBChB, PhD MRCOG is a Consultant Gynaecologist with a specialist interest in reproductive medicine and hysteroscopy. She qualified from the University of Manchester and
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    Dr Dorcus Muchiri

    Dr Dorcus Muchiri Dr Dorcus Muchiri is an obstetrician gynaecologist and fertility consultant. Her areas of special interest are female reproductive endocrinology, fertility preservation and fertility-related gynaecology. She is
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    Diana Sragyte

    Diana Sragyte TrainingDiana received her medical degree and completed specialty training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Vilnius University Medical Faculty, LithuaniaCareerShe has been working as a Clinical Fellow in
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    Ellissa Baskind

    Ellissa Baskind Ellissa Baskind qualified in Medicine in 2001 at University of Birmingham (Batchelor of Medicine and Surgery) where she was awarded honours in Public Health relating to her
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    Victoria Rawnsley

    Victoria Rawnsley Vicki Rawnsley is the Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner at Care LeedsVicki has over 20 years’ experience of infertility nursing. She was trained by Mr Anthony Rutherford and