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    Care Fertility clinics in...

    Care Fertility clinics in Spain - IVF-Life group IVF-Life is recognised as a leader in the field of reproductive medicine in Spain, achieving some of the highest pregnancy rates in Europe. There are IVF-Life clinics in Treatment in UK and Spain If you are looking to combine treatment in UK and Spain, our UK and Spanish teams will ensure you have an exceptional experience
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    Media For all media and journalist enquiries, please contact the Care Fertility press team
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    Jenna and Lydia's Shared...

    Jenna and Lydia's Shared Motherhood Shared motherhood helped Lydia and Jenna have a family of their own through the unique experience of intra-partner egg donation. Read their inspiring story, and learn more about their We were unsure where to start the process but figured our local GP may be able to help. Unfortunately this wasn’t particularly fruitful - we found out
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    Success Rates

    Success Rates Care Fertility clinics deliver excellent IVF success rates for all fertility treatments and patient groups. We know that going through fertility treatment can be challenging. We understand that you need clarity of information on things like success rates and costs. You also need to know Understanding success rates When you look at success rates, it is g
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    Why I wanted to donate my...

    Why I wanted to donate my eggs When Claire held her little boy in her arms for the first time it was the completion of a long journey.  The 29-year-old and her husband Jason had In her own words, Claire's fallopian tubes were "knackered" but thanks to the IVF process - which used her own eggs - the couple are now celebrating toddler Harrison
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    Oxidative Stress: the mai...

    Oxidative Stress: the main cause of sperm DNA damage What is Oxidative Stress, how do we diagnose it, and what can be done to improve male fertility? Dr Amy Barrie, Laboratory Director at Care Fertility Cheshire and Care Fertility For the 1 in 6 couples who need help starting a family, male factors will be the cause of up to 50% of infertility issues. Though a general seme
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    Why do embryos fragment a...

    Why do embryos fragment and how does it affect the chance of success? Fragmentation is very common in human embryos and occurs in embryos that grow inside the body, as well as those grown in the IVF laboratory. In the first few days of life, human embryos increase their number of cells as each cell splits into 2 new identical cells. Occasionally, as the cells split into tw
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    The best care for your fr...

    The best care for your frozen embryos, eggs or sperm Alison Campbell, Care’s Director of Embryology, explains how we diligently look after your frozen eggs, embryos and sperm.   How are your samples stored?Frozen embryos, eggs and sperm are stored individually in precisely-labelled straws. A patient’s straws are usually kept together in another small, labelled con
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    What does your menstrual...

    What does your menstrual cycle say about your fertility? Many find the menstrual cycle a helpful way to understand your body. If you are beginning to consider your fertility, you might not know where to start; at Care, we What is the menstrual cycle?The menstrual cycle is a series of natural changes in hormone production and the structures of the uterus and ovaries of the
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    What to Expect When You'r...

    What to Expect When You're Expecting, Through Surrogacy The journey to parenthood through surrogacyNational Surrogacy Week is a week-long celebration of UK surrogacy. At Care, we believe that family is for everyone. If you or you and
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    Why Should I Consider PGT...

    Why Should I Consider PGT-A in my IVF Treatment? Our teams have pioneered genetic testing techniques to test the chromosomal make up of embryos to identify those embryos which offer the most potential for a successful pregnancy. Why should I consider PGT-A in my IVF treatment?PGT-A is the process of testing an embryo for genetic problems
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    What will happen at my Em...

    What will happen at my Embryo Transfer? Following fertilisation of your eggs and culture of your embryos in the laboratory, your embryo transfer is the next step in your treatment journey.In a fresh cycle depending on