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Care Fertility clinics in Spain - IVF-Life group

IVF-Life is recognised as a leader in the field of reproductive medicine in Spain, achieving some of the highest pregnancy rates in Europe. There are IVF-Life clinics in Alicante, Madrid, and San Sebastian.

Care Fertility and IVF-Life patients can now access an increasingly wider scope of personalised fertility treatments, as together we focus on the continuous development of ground-breaking solutions for patients across the globe.

The regulatory framework in Spain allows for procedures that are not available in other European countries including anonymous egg donation and regenerative treatments.

Treatment in UK and Spain

The dedication and experience of local teams

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Our Care and IVF-Life partnership gives you the reassurance of world leading IVF clinics with the support and dedication of local teams. You can be assured that no matter which of our clinics you choose for your treatment, you will find the same level of care at each stage of your journey from our dedicated teams.

Our teams are aligned in terms of clinical practice and process so you will have a seamless experience across borders whichever treatment is right for you.


Personalised treatment

Success rates

Care and IVF Life have a shared vision and values and our teams will do everything we can to help you achieve your dream of family whatever your individual Path to Parenthood.

To find out more about accessing treatment in both UK and Spain call our new patient enquiry team on 0800 564 2270