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Over shoulder view of embryologist looking down microscope at an embryo

Our Scientific & Clinical Expertise

We actively participate in IVF research to drive fertility science forward and improve results. Whilst there are many factors which can influence the outcome of IVF treatment, transferring the most viable embryos is arguably the most critical element of successful treatment. Care Fertility scientists are renowned for their work in this area.

caremaps embryos with gradient

Embryo time lapse imaging

Our unique Caremaps technology, developed by Care scientists, allows us to record thousands of images of an embryo as it develops – and this helps our embryologists to understand which embryo has the best chance of growing into a baby.

ICSI science rig - 2 needles pointing into a petri dish

Research & Science

Our Founder, Professor Simon Fishel, is a world-renowned scientist, and his vision of a science-led and patient-focused fertility group still defines the approach of our dedicated teams of scientists, researchers and specialists.