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Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Many of our patients have inspiring stories to tell and they have share them to give hope and reassurance to others starting out on this emotional journey.

White younger couple with white elderly couple and young children sitting on lap.

Finding hope following ectopic pregnancy

White, female in hospital bed carrying newborn baby on chest

Paula’s story of weight loss and determination

White heterosexual couple each carry boy and girl child on their back and the children are covering their eyes.

Ryan and Samantha Avery

White man being fed a strawberry by a toddler.

I have my family – thanks to a sperm donor…

Toddler laughing and running on beach with family  walking behind.

Natalie, Michael, Lucy and Mireya; the first baby girl born from Care Liverpool

White woman and a white man embracing a baby and kissing the baby on the cheeks.

Sherrie and Matthew’s story

Happy smiling and laughing black couple with their 3 children in their kitchen

James and Ruth's story

Bearded man holding baby and kissing top of head

The Bodle Family

Baby with a white towel on the head and four fingers on the mouth.

Patient Stories: Ashley and Jason's story

White woman lifting up baby and smiling

Maria's story

White, heterosexual couple  walking in the field with woman carrying baby in one arm

The Watson Family

Black, single, female smiling and laughing with baby

I want a baby on my own, where do I start?

A man and woman sitting on a sofa, the woman ha a baby on her lap and they are both smiling at the baby.

Kate and Tom's Story

White woman leaning over a baby and smiling at the baby.

Emma and Adem

Black single man hugging young daughter, smiling

David and Jules Nichols

black baby with dark eyes & hair smiling

Natasha and Adam’s story

Man and woman smiling holding a baby

Naomi and Charlie's IVF Patient Story

People standing in a circle holding hands

The Jones Family

Interracial couple  smiling whilst both holding smiling baby in the middle

Ellie and Nathan Peters

Black  father holding baby to chest and kissing forehead

The journey to baby Nyle

Couple holding their baby and kissing baby's cheeks

Emma and Terry's Story

Baby with a white towel on the head and four fingers on the mouth.

Donna and David Gledhill

Mum and Baby limage

Hannah's Story

person making a heart shape with hands

Gemma's Journey into Surrogacy

White, same sex male couple holding baby and putting on sock.

Jacob and Luke's Surrogacy Journey