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White woman leaning over a baby and smiling at the baby.

Emma and Adem

Our journey started 5 years ago on honeymoon when we decided that we'd like to have our own family, having known from early into our relationship that we could see ourselves getting married and 'having babies'.  I distinctly remember throwing away the rest of my contraceptive pills, anticipating that it wouldn't be long before I'd be pregnant because, well isn't that just how it happens once you're married?

The care that we received from everyone we came into contact with at Care was second to none. The balance between professional and personal was so finely struck by everyone we met, we couldn't help but feel in safe hands even when the first two attempts were unsuccessful.  When we were blessed with the positive response we'd waited for, the support didn't stop, after a couple of early bleeds we called on you and once again were comforted, reassured and given practical advice without judgement.