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Sometimes, you want to talk to someone who really understands. 

On the CARE forum you can chat with other patients going through a similar journey to your own. Share your experiences, find reassurance during tough times, or talk about your hopes for the future.


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CARE IVF forum

You can read any of our users’ posts without signing up, but to reply to posts and create topics you’ll need to register and create a profile.

To register, you’ll just need an email address – but we’ll never pass on emails to any other party. With your email address you can then create a username and profile. If you want to remain anonymous, make sure your username doesn’t reveal any personal information – and remember, the more information you include on your profile, the easier it’ll be for someone to identify you.

Once you have a profile feel free to create topics, ask questions, and share your thoughts with our others users. We only ask that, to keep our bulletin board as a safe and welcoming environment, you follow the board rules below. To help you understand each other, there’s a list of common forum abbreviations here.

Any views posted on our board don’t necessarily reflect our views, or the views of our staff – the board is just a place for discussion, and shouldn’t replace proper medical opinion in any way. If you need expert help with something, get in touch with your clinic.

You can read about our privacy and data protection policy here.

The staff at CARE became like a family. They know our life stories.

CARE patient

Forum rules


All posts will be visible to anyone accessing the site, so if you need more discreet information it’s better that you contact us directly.

If you’re undergoing an egg share or egg donation treatment cycle, please don’t post any details that could lead to you being identified by your recipient. Make sure you avoid posting information like your treatment dates or the number of eggs collected, and don’t post countdowns to treatment dates.


Please don’t buy, sell or donate unwanted or unused drugs using the bulletin board. 


Always be respectful and polite. We don’t edit your submissions, but we do reserve the right to delete any posts that we think are offensive or inappropriate. 


The site shouldn’t be used for commercial promotion or recruitment for scientific study without the express permission of CARE. We’ll delete any accounts that seem to be promoting or recruiting. 


Although a user name is required to use the board, please don’t use your real name and never use the names of others.


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