CARE Fertility Bath Fee Schedule

Fertility Assessment


Initial consultation 230
Screening blood tests per partner (HIV/HEP B/HEP B Core/HEP C) 180
Semen assessment package - Diagnostic Semen Analysis 175
Detailed pre-treatment scan - including antral follicle count 155

Infertility Treatment


Artificial Insemination


IUI (Intrauterine insemination)* 900
Ovulation induction (monitored cycle) 650



IVF** 3600
IVF with Elective Freeze All (EFA), includes up to one year's storage 3700
Natural or mild IVF cycle 2595
ICSI procedure (in addition) 1250


Egg/Embryo donation

IVF with donated eggs (fresh cycle) 10220
IVF with donated eggs (Frozen - Standard set) 6300
IVF with donated eggs (Frozen - Large set) 8725
IVF with donated eggs (known donor) 6450
Transfer of frozen donated embryo** (first transfer)*** 3865
Subsequent transfer of frozen donated embryo (same batch) 2165


Shared Motherhood***

IVF with intra-partner egg donation** 4895
Frozen embryo replacement (FER) with intra-partner embryo donation** 2165
IVF with Elective Freeze All (no transfer to partner) 3700



Registration fee (non-refundable, due on first cycle only) 495
Surrogacy - please contact the clinic for information -


Embryo transfer*

Frozen embryo replacement (FER) 2000
Frozen egg thaw, fertilisation, culture and embryo replacement (includes ICSI) 3400


Please Note:

  • Patients are charged separately for drugs supplied by CARE.
  • Patients undergoing treatment that involves the use of donated eggs are required to pay a one-off non-refundable fee of £495 to join our donation programme and £1,000 to secure frozen eggs once matched.
  • Patients undergoing treatments that involve the receipt of donated eggs or surrogacy will be charged for mandatory screening in certain cases. Individuals will be advised of the tests required at their initial consultation. A separate price list is available on request.
  • In known donation arrangements the fee excludes the costs of the donor’s consultation, drugs and screening tests, which are the responsibility of the recipient couple. These costs are similarly excluded from the Shared Motherhood fees.
  • Treatments that include an egg collection include the price of a sedation anaesthetic at egg recovery but not at embryo transfer. Please see ‘Other Procedures’ should sedation anaesthetic at embryo transfer be required.


* The HFEA charge CARE a fee of £37.50. This fee is applied to treatments involving the use of donor sperm and is charged to the patient in addition to the costs outlined above.

** The HFEA charge CARE a fee of £80. This fee is applied on completed IVF, egg recipient, surrogacy and FER treatments. This is charged to the patient in addition to the costs outlined above.

*** The fee includes a non-refundable deposit of £1550 in respect of donor screening and related costs.

Other Procedures


IVF related supplementary procedures

Extended culture/blastocyst transfer 545
CAREmaps 825
Assisted hatching 260
EmbryoGlue 180
Endometrial scratch 270
Private prescription fee 50
EmbryoGen 455
ZyMot sperm selection 200


Male factor supplementary procedures

Surgical sperm recovery with sedation anaesthetic – includes freeze and one year’s storage  1960
Diagnostic Semen Analysis 175
Male fertility assessment 350

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)


PGT-A (Aneuploidy)

PGT-A fee - within a treatment cycle 1185
PGT-A fee - testing of previously frozen embryos (thaw, biopsy, refreeze) 1115
PGT-A sample fee per embryo biopsied 305 per embryo

Freezing and storage


EGGsafe - collection of up to 20 eggs gathered over up to 4 cycles (includes egg collection, preparation, freezing and storage for 2 years) 6750
Collection and freezing of eggs (excluding storage) 3500
Sperm freeze (excluding storage, per sample) 150
Embryo freeze (excluding storage) 320
Storage of frozen embryos/semen/eggs (annual charge) 300
Storage of frozen embryos/semen/eggs (monthly direct debit) 22.50

Additional, optional fees


Diagnostic tests and assessments


Review consultation following an unsuccessful treatment cycle at CARE Free
Review consultation 155
HYCoSy procedure (additional £150 if part of a consultation) 515
Counselling within a treatment cycle Free
Counselling - no fee for first three sessions (thereafter per session) 65
Fertility assessment - Female 305
Fertility assessment - Male 350
Fertility assessment - Couple 465
SOS (Sperm Oxidative Stress) test 95
Sperm DNA Damage (Sperm Comet test) 505
Hysteroscopy 1500
Pregnancy scan (not as a result of treatment) 210
Additional ultrasound scan (not associated with treatment) 210



Treatment Cancellation Policy

Occasionally treatment cycles are cancelled. The information below sets out the most common scenarios and the amount payable in each case:

Frozen embryo replacement, IUI - cancelled at monitoring stage 725
IVF with donated eggs - cancelled at monitoring stage (patients will be charged for drugs used by the donor) 800


If a treatment is cancelled post-monitoring but before embryo replacement then a refund will be paid to the patient as follows:

Failed egg recovery (plus HFEA fee refund) 525
Failed fertilisation/cleavage 450
Failed frozen embryo thaw (plus HFEA fee refund) 800



Transfer in/out fees


Transfer in fees

Transfer in of patient sperm/eggs/embryos from another CARE clinic Free
CARE arranged courier fees for the movement of sperm/eggs/embryos between CARE clinics Available on request
Transfer in of patient sperm/eggs/embryos from a UK based non-CARE clinic (provided treatment is commenced within one year of transfer) Free
Transfer in of patient sperm/eggs/embryos from an overseas clinic 250
Personal import of donor sperm for named patient (includes up to one year's storage free of charge) 340


Transfer out fees

Transfer out of sperm/eggs/embryos to another CARE clinic Free
CARE arranged courier fees for the movement of sperm/eggs/embryos between CARE clinics Available on request
Transfer out of sperm/eggs/embryos to a UK based non-CARE clinic 250
Transfer out of sperm/eggs/embryos to an overseas clinic 950



Payment Options

In order to keep costs down, patients are required to pay consultation fees on the same day. Treatment fees must be paid in full on the first day of monitoring, failure to complete payment at that time may jeopardise treatment. Bank transfer, debit and credit cards are accepted methods of payment. Our preferred method is by debit card.

In cases where your health insurance may fund consultations and investigations, you will need to pay the fees directly to CARE then claim the cost back from your insurer. We are unable to negotiate claims directly with health insurers.

Please be aware that CARE reserves the right to amend prices without notice. The prices stated above can only be guaranteed where payment has been received in full.


Effective from 1 January 2021.


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