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The reassurance of a world leading IVF group, the support of a dedicated and experienced local team.

CARE Fertility has been pioneering ground-breaking IVF treatments and reproductive genetic techniques for over 25 years, and over 50,000 CARE babies have been born so far. Our dedicated team at CARE Fertility Chester have both the expertise and experience to help with even the most complex fertility diagnosis, including the most important one – yours. 


Contacting us:

You can call our enquiries team on

0800 564 2270 

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Why choose CARE Chester

  • Dedicated to your care

We will be by your side at every stage of your treatment, supporting you and doing everything we can to help you achieve your dream of parenthood

  • Individual Options

We will listen, understand and design a treatment plan especially for you. We will outline your options clearly, make sure you feel in control of all decision making and help you move forward in the best way for you.

We focus on the individual needs of everyone who comes to see us to make sure that our patients receive the best possible chance of having successful treatment.  

  • Experience

You will have access to advice and care from some of the UK’s most experienced and respected medical experts

Egg Donation IVF

If you’re looking for an egg donor, we’re here to help you

  • Dedicated and personalised care
  • Choice of fresh or frozen eggs
  • Personalised search using our frozen egg bank
  • High success rates
  • Affordable and transparent pricing structure
  • Quick and easy access to treatment

You will have access to IVF Refund and Multi-cycle Discount packages

  • High patient satisfaction

99% of our patients rated us as excellent or very good 

Our treatment specialties

  • IVF – In vitro fertilisation is a technique which involves collecting eggs from the ovaries then fertilising them with sperm in the laboratory. We monitor the embryos as they develop and then transfer the embryo/s at the most suitable time to the womb.


  • Donation programme – Our team has lots of experience in helping people to have babies through IVF with donor eggs and we achieve consistently high success rates for patients of all ages; all our donors are based in the UK and treatments adhere to HFEA regulations.


  • CAREmaps – Using time-lapse imaging, CAREmaps helps us choose the best embryo without genetic testing. It allows us to predict which embryos have the most potential, which can increase the chance of successful treatment


  • Fertility preservation – Freeze eggs and sperm to preserve fertility for an extended period of time, and have your eggs or sperm available for you when you’re ready to have a baby.


  • Same-sex couples – There are a range of IVF treatments available for same-sex couples, including surrogacy, and sperm and egg donation.

How much will IVF cost me?

Our price list gives you an overview of all treatment costs and everyone is given a complete cost breakdown which is relevant to their treatment at their consultation

For information on costs you can view the full CARE Fertility Chester price list.

Funding Options

These funding options are available through our CAREpay packages:



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Contact our new patient enquiry team:
0800 5642270

Helping you to afford your fertility and IVF treatment with CAREpay

We know that when you’re thinking about IVF, funding your treatment is often one of your most important considerations. That’s why we’ve created CAREpay, a range of funding packages specifically designed to support your financial peace of mind during your fertility journey. Find out more about our CAREpay funding packages.

When you're ready to take your next step, we're here. Call our CAREpay enquiry team on 0800 033 4333

Meet some of the CARE Fertility Chester team

Throughout your journey with CARE Chester, our teams of specialists will be with you every step of the way – and they’ll do everything they can to give you your very best chance of success.

Lucy Coyne.JPG Dr Lucy Coyne Medical Director
Faye-Mellor.jpg Faye Mellor Clinic Director
care-fertility-chester-victoria-sephton-medical-director.jpg Victoria Sephton Group Medical Director
Wendy-Holgate.jpg Wendy Holgate Nurse Manager
Michael_Ellard.jpg Michael Ellard Consultant Gynaecologist
Shankaralingaiah-Nethra.jpg Shankaralingaiah Nethra Consultant

Information Events at CARE Fertility Chester

We understand that you are likely to have lots of questions when considering fertility treatment, which is why we hold regular online fertility information events to give you all the information you need about CARE and how we can help you, which you can read about on our Information Events page.

We are also always happy to chat about our services in detail over the phone, so please feel free to call our new patient enquiry team on 0800 564 2270. You can also request a brochure or book a consultation through our website.

Starting Fertility Treatment in 2021 – Live Q&A with Dr Victoria Sephton and Dr Amy Barrie


Thinking of starting fertility treatment? We understand you will have lots of questions about how we are keeping patients safe while continuing fertility treatment, and what patients should expect when starting IVF during 2021. In this Live Q&A, Dr Victoria Sephton, our CARE Chester Medical Director, and our Lab Manager, Dr Amy Barrie, talk in detail about the impact of COVID-19 on fertility treatments, including answering your questions about COVID-19 vaccines, safety in fertility clinics, waiting times, and how your treatment might be slightly different during COVID-19. You can find our more information about fertility treatment during COVID-19 on our IVF during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) webpage.

CARE Fertility Chester Location

CARE Fertility Chester,
Fertility & Conception Unit, First Floor
Womens & Childrens Building
Countess of Chester Hospital
Liverpool Road

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Opening Hours

Monday - Friday : 8.30am - 4.30pm
Saturday / Sunday : Closed

Tel: 01244 677797

Enquiries and consultations

It's easy to get started, if you have any questions or want to arrange a consultation, just call our patient enquiry team on 0800 564 2270


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Current waiting time for Chester
2 weeks *Updated every two weeks