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Our purpose is to help people to turn their dream of having a baby into reality. We look at each couple and person individually and work hard to offer meticulously planned treatment in which  patient care and success is the ultimate goal.


We have some of the best IVF success rates in the UK thanks to our team of experienced and respected medical professionals who are dedicated to providing individualised care and treatment for everyone who needs their help.

CARE Fertility has been pioneering ground-breaking IVF treatments and Reproductive Genetic techniques for more than 20 years, and over 30,000 CARE babies have been born so far. We have both the expertise and experience to help with even the most complex fertility diagnosis, including the most important one – yours.


We will be running some Facebook Live sessions soon with Professor Kingsland, he’ll be answering all your questions about fertility. Keep checking this page for dates.
Join us at our Facebook Live event and get the answers to any questions or concerns you might have about your fertility.

Why choose CARE Fertility Chester

  • Dedicated to your care

We will be by your side at every stage of your treatment, supporting you and doing everything we can to help you achieve your dream of parenthood

  • Individual Options

We will listen, understand and design a treatment plan especially for you. We will outline your options clearly, make sure you feel in control of all decision making and help you move forward in the best way for you.

We focus on the individual needs of everyone who comes to see us to make sure that our patients receive the best possible chance of having successful treatment.  

  • Experience

You will have access to advice and care from some of the UK’s most experienced and respected medical experts

We offer egg and sperm sharing which significantly reduce the cost of IVF treatment. You will also have access to IVF Refund and Multi-cycle Discount packages

  • High patient satisfaction

99% of our patients rated us as excellent or very good 

Our treatment specialties

  • IVF – In vitro fertilisation combines an egg with sperm outside of the body, improving the chance of conception. The teams at CARE Fertility have consistently delivered high success rates for over 30 years. Over 30,000 CARE babies have been born so far.


  • Donation programme – IVF using donor eggs is available, with all donors based in the UK and treatments adhering to HFEA regulations. Our Bath clinic specialises in IVF with donor eggs and egg sharing.


  • CAREmaps – Our Chester clinic specialises in CAREmaps, which is unique to CARE Fertility. Using time-lapse imaging, CAREmaps can improve live birth rates by an average of 20%.


  • Recurrent implantation failure screening – If you experience a miscarriage or implantation failure, our screening can investigate whether there are hormonal, blood clotting, immune system, or genetic issues.


  • Fertility preservation – Freeze eggs and sperm to preserve fertility for an extended period of time, and have your eggs or sperm available for you when you’re ready to have a baby.


  • Same-sex couples – There are a range of IVF treatments available for same-sex couples, including surrogacy, and sperm and egg donation, to help couples start their families



CARE Fertility Chester

Fertility & Conception Unit
First Floor
Womens & Childrens Building
Countess of Chester Hospital
Liverpool Road
CH2 1UL 

Tel: 01244 677797

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