IVF diagnostic tests

We want to make sure that your fertility treatment is going to give you the very best chance of having a baby.

The first step in overcoming a fertility issue is to achieve an accurate diagnosis of what is actually causing it. We offer the latest technology, the most sophisticated diagnostic tests and procedures that can help increase your chances of successful treatment. 

Do I need an IVF diagnostic test?

When you are experiencing fertility issues, several tests may be needed before starting treatment. These are designed to help us reach an accurate fertility diagnosis and design a personalised treatment plan for you. We are looking at key areas including:

  • Are you ovulating normally?
  • Are your Fallopian tubes functioning?
  • Are your partner's sperm normal and functional?

We will carry out tests to determine ovarian reserve and to analyse sperm health and viability. You will also have some basic health checks such as your Body Mass Index and blood pressure, and we will carry out a pelvic ultrasound scan.

When you have experienced recurrent miscarriage, or you’ve had unsuccessful IVF treatment, then it’s likely that you will need more sophisticated diagnostic testing. Our personalised approach to your testing means we make sure that we give you the most appropriate tests, designed to save you time and expense but, most importantly, delivering accurate results which will help us give you the most appropriate treatment plan for your own individual needs.