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10/01/2024 - 2 min read

Ethnic diversity in egg and sperm donors. The UK situation and availability at Care Fertility.

We know how important it is to be able to offer ethnic diversity and choice to our patients. This is a key reason why we have our own donor egg and sperm banks at Care Fertility.

What do we know about donor ethnicity and availability from UK statistics?

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82% of respondents said that it was important that the ethnicity of a donor matched their own.
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In a 2021 a Survey, conducted by the UK’s fertility regulator (HFEA)

A preliminary HFEA Report on ethnic diversity in fertility treatment, published last month, described the import of donor sperm from outside of the UK as an increasingly common trend for patients. A key reason for this is likely for ethnicity matching.

Ethnicity and donor sperm

The report indicated poor availability of diversity in sperm donors in the UK. Although around half of all treatments using donor sperm were imported from abroad, almost three quarters of donor sperm with ethnicity registered as Mixed, 60% of Black ethnicity and 38% Asian, were imported.

What about donor eggs?

The same report shows that donor eggs used in this period were mostly from the UK but higher proportions of Asian, Black and Other ethnicities were imported, than for White or Mixed ethnicity donors.

Why is there a lack of ethnic diversity in egg and sperm donors?

It is not entirely clear why this is the case but it may be due to attitudes, social or religious factors, lack of awareness of the process or the demand.

Some good news!

Care Fertility can currently offer recipients choice of mixed heritage eggs from White & Black Caribbean and White and Black African donors. With inclusivity and choice in mind, we always endeavour to recruit donors with a broad range of ethnicities.

We also have donor sperm availability in our own bank with the following ethnicities: White & Black African, Indian, Chinese and Black African, as well as Other Mixed Background. Where we don’t have specific ethnicities, we endeavour to help patients source suitable donors.

If you are in need of donor eggs or sperm, or wish to help someone looking for a suitable donor, please get in touch….