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24/10/2023 - 4 min read

What to expect at your first consultation

Care Team

When you have selected the right clinic for you, it can help you feel prepared if you know what to expect at your first consultation

Your first call to Care will likely be to our new patient team, and they can make your consultation appointment for you. We will send you a questionnaire about your medical history and a registration form which you should preferably return before your appointment. You can provide these details electronically via our "Patient Portal". If you have details from previous treatment or investigations it is useful if we receive these before the appointment so your Consultant can read these before your consultation. Some patients may have already visited the clinic for an initial 1-2-1 visit and be familiar with the clinic and the process.

On the day of your consultation please allow plenty of time and arrive promptly for your appointment to ensure we have enough time to provide you with the full assessment you need. You will be greeted by our friendly reception team where the details on your registration form will be confirmed. You will have a photograph taken to confirm your ID throughout your time with us. Following this you can relax in our comfortable lounge style waiting room with WIFI, television and coffee facilities.

During the waiting time,  female patients undergoing treatment will meet the nurse and have blood  pressure, weight and BMI measured. Female patients will also have a pelvic ultrasound scan performed to assess your womb and ovaries. This is an internal scan which does not require a full bladder and takes about 20 minutes. If you find an internal scan difficult or if you have a latex allergy please tell the sonographer. Male patients undergoing treatment will be asked to provide a semen sample on the day in one of our very private rooms . If you feel this may be difficult for you then please let us know. The sample will be examined immediately by our embryology / andrology experts. The results of these tests will therefore be available for the consultation - so the doctor has all the information needed to assess your case accurately and quickly - in order to provide you with the very best treatment.

The actual appointment with one of our expert and highly experienced Consultants will last about 1 hour. The doctor will go through your history and test results and advise on the basic treatment options applicable. The doctor might also offer some of our extra cutting edge technologies which may improve the chance of success if appropriate. The treatment process and pathway will be outlined in detail - along with the costs involved. Before starting treatment you will need to have some basic infection screening blood tests which can be performed on the same day if appropriate. Following completion of some basic consent forms and blood tests if necessary the appointment will be complete and your journey with us has begun. If everything is straightforward and no further tests or information is required your treatment can usually start in a short period of time. 

There will be a lot of information to take in during the consultation - and your doctor will aim to be as clear as possible. However should you have any further questions after the consultation  - then our experienced Patient team will be happy to clarify anything, either themselves or in combination with the advice of your doctor.

We are very aware that patients have very busy lives and this can be a stressful and anxious process but we aim to make the assessment and treatment process as quick, painless and seamless as possible. Therefore using our on-site facilities most of the work can be done at your initial consultation.

Rest assured, all Care clinics have an outstanding history and a track record of excellent leading success rates - but above all we treat you as a person - helping you to achieve your very best chance of a pregnancy.