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Care Fertility Manchester IVF training lab with trainees

Care Professional Events

Care Fertility has a world-class innovative pedigree. We consider training and development of scientists very important and offer short group courses from the very basic, essential skills to the most technically advanced. Our training suite is a state of the art facility for training and educating in IVF technologies.

Upcoming Events

Care Academy Preceptorship Study Day – 30th & 31st January


As one of the largest groups providing fertility treatment throughout the UK via more than 14 clinics, Care Fertility can offer a unique and exceptional opportunity for colleagues in the field of ART to learn from our “group” approach. In addition, as leaders in the field of research and development, we can provide exceptional insight into the use of current technologies to improve successful outcomes. One such example is our use of AI in conjunction with time lapse incubation to select embryos for transfer, which has won several awards for innovation. We also jointly run an Msc program in Clinical Embryology, facilitating research projects that are aimed at improving success rates and ensuring that our staff are competent and experienced in teaching style lectures.

Target Audience

The target audience is Health Care Professionals with a specialist interest in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, primarily clinicians and embryologists already working within the field.


This course is aimed at providing clinicians and embryologists an opportunity to assess and discuss some of the most current advances in the field of ART. In addition, it also offers a unique insight into the benefits of the management and operation of a large group of fertility clinics, at multiple sites throughout the country. There will be opportunity to visit the Laboratories and Operating rooms in the IVF Unit and Interactive “open discussion” will be welcomed to facilitate to exchange views and mutual learning.  

Learning Objectives

By attending this course, participants will be able to:

- Analyse the organisation and management of a group of IVF clinics

- Evaluate the role of the Laboratory technologies to improve embryo evaluation and selection. In particular, the utilisation of AI and Timelapse technologies

- Understand the importance of genetics in IVF and the role of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis in the modern embryology

- Understand the importance of a personalized controlled ovarian stimulation and the new approaches available

- Recognise factors that can influence the success in ART

Scientific Organizer: Dr Sue Montgomery

Included Speakers

Dr Amy Barrie

Group Scientific Director UK

Care Fertility

Dr Julija Gorodeckaja

Group Medical Director

Care Fertility

Dr Victoria Sephton

Group Medical Director

Care Fertility

Dr Debra Bloor

Director of Governance

Care Fertility

Dr Tom Bamford

 Medical Director (Care Manchester

Care Fertility

Dr Sue Montgomery

Head of Scientific Education

Care Fertility

Budget Summary and Request

We can accommodate up to 15 delegates per course, with a fee of £1,500 per delegate. This will be to cover speakers time in preparing and presenting their talks and travel of the speakers from various clinics across the UK. Merc will be recognised as an official sponsor for the courses.


Care Fertility Manchester, 108-112 Daisy Bank Road, Manchester M14 5QH, UK

Timetable for the day


The attendance fee is £1500 per delegate. This includes registration, workshop access, and an attendance certificate.


If you would like to attend our January event please email
before 15th January.