Costs of IVF and fertility treatment

Understanding the costs of IVF and fertility treatment can help you to plan ahead. 

Whether you’re starting fertility treatment for the first time or are planning another treatment, we know that cost is important to you.  

When you come to CARE for a consultation we will provide you with a tailored treatment plan including a breakdown of all estimated costs. In the meantime, however, you can use the prices detailed below as a guide to how much your treatment might cost; prices can vary between clinics, so if you would like a full breakdown of costs please click on one of the links to our clinic price lists at the bottom of the page.

We treat both private and NHS patients. If you would like more detail on NHS funding please get in touch with your local clinic, or contact us, to find out more.

If you think might need help funding your treatment, we have several funding options. We offer multi-cycle discount and refund package programmes and if you are willing to donate eggs or sperm, we also offer discounts on treatments.

Pre–treatment costs
Initial consult £205
Scan £120-£180
Semen Analysis £165
Fertility Assessments £250-£500
IVF treatments
Prices are indicative only but include monitoring, egg collection, embryo culture and transfer. Prices do not include drugs or other optional costs.
Natural IVF £2,980–£3,660
IVF £3,000–£3,500
Elective freeze of embryos  (excluding transfer) £3,000–£3,750


IVF using donated gametes

IVF using donor eggs £5,750–£9,750
IVF using donor sperm £3,810–£4,800


IVF-related additional treatment costs

These are optional treatments, your consultant will advise which you may want to consider.
Endometrial scratch £300
Surgical sperm retrieval £1,850
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) £1,150–£1,250
CAREmaps £795
Embryo freezing and storage £600–£1,350
EmbryoGen and BlastGen £420-£450
EmbryoGlue £125–£350
Extended culture (blastocyst transfer) £445–£525
ERA (endometrial receptivity analysis)  £1,050–£1,180
PGS £2,695–£2,850
PGD (single gene) £5,750



Intrauterine insemination (IUI) £800–£875
Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm  £1,660–£1,770


Freezing and storage
Prices include collection and storage. The duration of storage included in the price will vary by clinic.
EGGsafe - multicycle £5,100–£5,650
Egg preservation - one cycle £3,050–£3,710
Sperm freezing £350-£475


Thawing for treatment

Egg thaw, culture and transfer (includes ICSI) £3,100–£3,300
Embryo thaw and transfer £1,725

Funding options

With our range of funding options, including multi-cycle discounts, egg and sperm sharing schemes, and refund programmes, we can make the costs of funding IVF and other treatments easier to manage – leaving you to focus on your treatment. 

If you’d like to know more about our funding options, click here

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