IVF and fertility treatment costs

Our teams are committed to helping you understand treatment costs and options

We'll do all we can to help make the start of your fertility journey as easy and straightforward as possible. Your first call to CARE will likely be to our new patient enquiry team who will be able to answer all of your questions about IVF costs and funding your fertility treatment. 

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How much does IVF cost?

The cost of IVF is generally in the range of £5,000 - £8,000. This will typically include your initial consult, any blood tests and fertility assessments you need, IVF (including monitoring, egg collection, embryo culture and transfer), and possibly frozen embryo transfers if required.

When you have your first consultation at CARE, we will provide you with a tailored treatment plan including a breakdown of all estimated costs. To give you some idea of treatment costs you can use the IVF clinic prices detailed below as a guide; prices can vary between clinics, so if you would like a full breakdown of IVF costs in our UK clinics, please click on one of the links to our clinic price lists at the bottom of the page.

We know that when you realise you need IVF there are a number of things to consider, and the cost of your treatment is one of the key things to think about. To help make your fertility treatment costs easier to manage, we have designed CAREpay which offers a range of funding packages designed to meet the individual needs of our patients.   

CAREpay includes multi-cycle discount and refund package programmes and is available exclusively from CARE.

We treat both private and NHS patients. If you would like more detail on NHS funding please get in touch with your local clinic, or get in touch via the CARE contact form, to find out more.

Pre–treatment costs
Initial consult £230
Scan £200 - £225
Semen Analysis £160 - £180
Screening Blood Tests (per partner) £190

IVF treatments
Prices are indicative only but include monitoring, egg collection, embryo culture and transfer. Prices do not include drugs or other optional costs.
IVF £3,300–£3,900
Elective freeze of embryos  (excluding transfer) £3,400–£4,000


IVF using donated eggs

IVF using donor eggs £6,460–£11,100

IVF-related additional treatment costs

These are optional treatments, your consultant will advise which you may want to consider.
Surgical sperm retrieval £2,020 - £2,725
IVF with Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) £4,850–£5,200
CAREmaps £850
EmbryoGlue £190 - £390
Extended culture (blastocyst transfer) £490–£590


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) £980


Success rates

At CARE we offer bespoke treatment plans to all our patients, tailored to your individual needs. We will develop a personalised treatment plan for you based on your medical history, test results and which treatment which will give you your greatest chance of success. Find out more about our IVF success rates.

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If you'd like to find out more about costs or starting fertility treatment, call our new patient enquiry team - we'll be happy to help you


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Funding for IVF

CAREpay funding packages

Our CAREpay funding packages are designed to meet the individual needs of our patients and our CAREpay team can help you to choose the path which is right for you.

With our range of funding options, including multi-cycle discounts and IVF refund programmes, we can make the funding of IVF costs and other treatments easier to manage – leaving you to focus on your treatment. 

Find out more about CARE Fertility's funding options in the UK