Donating your embryos

You could help another couple to start or grow their family.   

If you’ve been able to start your own family with CARE, you know how it feels to go through IVF treatment – and how it feels when it goes well. Not everyone is so lucky, but with your help by becoming an embryo donor, we could give another couple a better chance of success. 

Could this be for me?

If after a round of IVF treatment you have frozen embryos you aren’t going to use, you might be able to donate them to another couple.

To donate your embryos, you and your partner will need to be aware of your family history, and you shouldn’t have any known genetic problems. If you fit these criteria, you could be exactly who we’re looking for.

What does donating my embryos involve?

Medical assessment

If you decide you’d like to donate your embryos , both you and your partner will need to fill out a detailed medical questionnaire before you meet a nurse from our donation team. Your nurse will then talk you through all the details. You'll also both need to have some additional blood tests to check you meet the criteria for donation.  


All of our embryo donors are offered a session of implications counselling; this session is an opportunity to talk about any ethical and legal issues, share any questions you might have, and make absolutely certain that it’s the right decision for you. 


If after your consultation and counselling sessions you’re happy to go ahead with your donation, we’ll continue to store your embryos for use by another couple when needed. To thank you for your generosity and to make things as convenient as possible, we'll compensate you with £35 per clinic visit relating to your donation.  And, if you ask us to, we can let you know when any children are born as a result of your kindness.