How will I feel after my egg collection procedure?

You’ll want to rest for at least two hours. 


After the procedure you'll rest in the clinic for a minimum of two hours, and then you'll be able to go home.  Our nursing team will look after you and they will make sure that you are feeling well enough to be discharged.

You might experience a little abdominal discomfort similar to period pain, but this should subside in two to three days and can easily be controlled with paracetamol. You may also have some light vaginal bleeding for a few days afterwards. These symptoms are perfectly normal after egg recovery.

Even although you haven’t had a general anaesthetic,  we do recommend that you don’t drive for 24 hours after your egg collection procedure. If you can’t bring someone to drive you home,  then we will organise a taxi for you.

We will give you contact details for one of our nurses to make sure that, if you have any questions or concerns after you leave CARE, that you can get in touch with us.


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