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Success Rates at Care Fertility Tamworth

Frozen cycles, patients' own eggs - This is the latest HFEA verified data.

Our success rates have been validated locally by our Care teams and have been calculated from data that has not yet been verified by the HFEA.

The HFEA explains that “the most important thing to focus on is whether the clinic’s results are consistent with the national average”. The HFEA last published success rates for 2019 treatments and therefore a comparison to concurrent national is not possible. To view Cares’ success rates from 2019 and how they measured against national averages at that time, please visit the HFEA ‘Choose a Fertility Clinic’ function.

**Please note, we do not publish figures for clinics performing very small numbers of cycles as the results can be misleading.

FET cycles, patients' own eggs
Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transferred

January - December 2022

Age groupNumber of embryos transferredClinical pregnancy rateDate
< 3814632%January - December 2022
>=385016%January - December 2022
All ages19628%January - December 2022