CARE Fertility Bolton

Our satellite IVF clinic in Bolton is partnered with CARE Fertility Manchester. 

CARE has some of the very best IVF results in the UK, offering pioneering fertility treatments like pre-implantation genetic screening and CAREmaps that can improve your chances of success. And with our satellite IVF clinic in Bolton, help is close by. 


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During treatment you’ll need to visit your clinic quite often, and we know that if you live some distance away this isn’t always easy. But with CARE Fertility Bolton, you’ll find the support you need right on your doorstep.

Situated in Bolton’s Crompton Health Centre, at CARE Fertility Bolton you can have all your appointments for:

This means you’ll only need a couple of trips over to the main clinic, CARE Fertility Manchester, for treatment – ensuring your journey is always as smooth as possible.

And don’t forget: CARE Fertility Manchester has the highest IVF success rates in the North West, so you’ll be getting the very best tests and treatments with the convenience of a local clinic.

For more information, request an eBrochure or call CARE Fertility Bolton on 01204 600800.


Helping other women to have a baby

We are looking for egg donors at the moment to help our patients who need donated eggs.
Egg donors are amazing women whose kindness and generosity allows many other women to have a precious child of their own. 

Could you help? Could you donate eggs?
If so please contact us.


CARE Fertility Bolton

Crompton Health Centre
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