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Prof Alison Campbell is Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Alison Campbell

Chief Scientific Officer
Professor Alison Campbell is Chief Scientific Officer of the Care Fertility Group, overseeing 18 IVF laboratories across the UK, Ireland, Spain, and the US. As a Consultant Embryologist and Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists, Professor Campbell brings a wealth of expertise to the field of Embryology. Her contributions include a substantial body of published work, reflecting her commitment to reproductive medicine.


Professor Alison Campbell is dedicated to the training and development of embryologists. Her passion led to the establishment of a dedicated practical training centre for embryologists, which has become the home to the UK’s first university-industry joint Master’s degree in Clinical Embryology in collaboration Liverpool John Moore’s University.


Alison is a pioneering figure in the field of clinical embryology, having developed, implemented and authored time-lapse algorithms for predicting ploidy and live births. Her team has also achieved significant advancements, creating an artificial intelligence tool named Caremaps-AI®. The groundbreaking tool, designed to support embryo selection, was awarded a National Technology Award in Healthcare 2023 and has earnt a Royal College of Pathologists Achievement award.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Alison actively shares her knowledge and experience, lecturing worldwide and participating on scientific advisory boards including the scientific and clinical advances advisory committee (SCAAC) for the UK’s regulator (HFEA). She is also part of the editorial boards for Human Reproduction and Reproductive BioMedicine Online.

Links to Published Work

Mastering Clinical Embryology