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Annamaria Kiss

Laboratory Practitioner
Annamaria is responsible for performing semen analysis and sperm preparation for various treatment. Alongside clinical procedures, she plays a crucial role in organising imports and exports within the clinic, whether it's for patients who are moving clinics or for donor gametes that were ordered by patients.


Annamaria earned her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science with a focus in Developmental Biology from the University of Aberdeen, graduating with a BSc Hons degree in 2022. Following graduation, she kickstarted her professional journey at Care Fertility Bath.


After graduating, Annamaria joined Care Fertility Bath as a Laboratory Technician. Since then, she has progressed to the role of Laboratory Practitioner. Looking ahead, Annamaria's goal is to continue along this path and become a registered Embryologist in the not-so-distant future!

Specialties & Credentials

Throughout her academic journey, Annamaria had the privilege of learning from leading experts in the field of birth defects and the developmental genetics. This experience provided her with the opportunity to gain skills in essential scientific processes such as PCR, immunostaining, and fluorescence microscopy. In her current role, she has expanded her skill set even further by mastering semen analysis and sperm preparation. As her career progresses, she has committed to developing expertise in advanced procedures such as IUI's and egg collections.