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Becki Ashworth

Egg Donation and Cyro Bank
Becki works within the Egg Donor Support Team at Care Fertility, where she provides support and guidance to our dedicated donors throughout the entire process, from the initial application phase to the egg collection procedure.


Becki pursued her studies in general practice nursing through a degree apprenticeship graded by University Of Central Lancashire. Since joining Care Fertility, she has undertaken numerous online and in-person training courses provided by Care Fertility to enhance her knowledge and expertise in the field.


Becki has worked in various patient-facing roles and broadened her career scope, particularly in Fertility, Egg and Sperm donation since joining Care Fertility in December 2022. During her time here, Becki has gained substantial clinical experience involving IVF treatments, egg retrievals, ultrasounds and studies in embryology, egg and sperm donation. Becki particularly enjoys her involvement in theatre during Donor Egg Retrievals, where she witnesses the implantation process and contributes to the overall fertility journey.

Specialities & Credentials

In her role within the Egg Donation team, Beckie employs a diverse range of skills, encompassing research, investigation and a keen eye to detail.