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Charlotte Bentley

Bank Fertility Nurse
Charlotte is a Bank Fertility Nurse at the Nottingham Clinic. She works on the ward looking after patients who come in for their egg collections and embryo transfers.

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Its going to be okay in the end, and if its not okay, then its not the end - i particularly liked this quote when I was going through my IVF journey.
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Charlotte Bentley


Charlotte started her nurse training in 2015 at De Montfort University. Prior to this she had been working as a medical secretary within the NHS which made her look into a career in nursing, so she started working as a community carer before starting her studies. Charlotte has now been a nurse for six years. When Charlotte first qualified she worked on a very busy diabetes ward at Queens Medical Centre Nottingham, where she learned lots of techniques, and developed her learning.

Charlotte worked at the Queens Medical Centre for four years before having her daughter, who is an IVF baby - so she understands the process on a deeply personal level. After maternity leave, Charlotte wanted to understand fertility and women's health further which is why she decided to join Care Fertility. Charlotte has been here just over a year and thoroughly enjoys meeting all the patients who are embarking on their IVF journey.