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Cherylanne Watterson

Donation Practitioner
Cherylanne currently works in the donation department, carrying out consultations with donors, and donor recipients.


Cherylanne is currently training to work with embryo donations and embryo recipients, she currently carries out consultations for donors, egg and sperm recipients, and known donors and recipients.

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As a midwife it has always been important for me to help families feel supported, cared for and fully informed during their treatment journey and provide them with the best experience possible.
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Cherylanne Watterson


Cherylanne worked as a residential social worker looking after children in care for 3 years whilst gaining her NVQ level 4 in looking after children and young people. She then became a midwife in 2008, after which she proceeded to work on the delivery suite and antenatal wards for 10 years before joining Care as a donation midwife in 2022.

Specialties & Credentials

Cherylanne will specialises in working with embryos within the donation department.

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