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Ellie Peters

Donation Practitioner
Ellie’s role includes providing fertility support and care services working within the donation team with gamete recipients and donors, as well as intended parents and surrogates.


Ellie completed her Midwifery degree in Liverpool. She completed her final exam on legal parenthood and role of the midwife caring for surrogates and intended parents. Ellie has previously worked as a fertility Midwife based in Nottingham and is now based in Manchester.   


Ellie began her career as a Midwife providing antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care. She then began working in the field of reproduction as a fertility Midwife. Following this Ellie has now moved into a specialised role of fertility working as a registered donation Midwife. Ellie will work within all aspects of donation care, However, her speciality is surrogacy.

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