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Hannah Shelton

Donation Coordinator
Hannah works in the Care Fertility sperm bank which supports all the Care Fertility clinics. Hannah oversees sperm donor matches, and processes the next steps for recipients wishing to go ahead with their chosen donor for treatment.


Hannah has attended internal training sessions for instance Consents, CIS, Salve. She also attended an online Donor Conception Network training event in 2023. She has completed all of the online mandatory training modules with Care Fertility.

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I am very honoured to be in a position at Care where the work I do helps our patients to achieve what that most desire.
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Hannah Shelton


Hannah has been working at Care Fertility within the donation team for the last seven years, and has experience in egg donation administration as well as the sperm bank. Currently, Hannah coordinates the shipping of all the sperm samples to other Care Fertility clinics, and processes newly released sperm donors to the sperm bank. She also assists with recipient queries for all recipients of donated sperm, and those who are donating.