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Mercedes Regueira

Senior Embryologist
Mercedes is the Senior Embryologist at the Care Fertility Nottingham clinic, she oversees


Mercedes has a Biology bachelor's degree by Universidad de les Illes Balears, and a Master of Science in Reproductive Biology and Techniques of Human Assisted Reproduction by Dexeus and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

She was conceded a Leonardo da Vinci grant which brought her to Care Fertility for work experience in the IVF field. It was at Care Fertility that she reached all the competencies required for the Embryology role.

Meet Mercedes Regueira, Senior Embryologist at Care Fertility Nottingham, providing expertise in reproductive laboratory services for your fertility journey.

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As an Embryologist I feel extremely lucky to have a job that I enjoy so much, and so proud to know we can make such a significant difference in our patient's life.
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Mercedes Regueira


During the past ten years Mercedes practiced as an Embryologist in different Care Fertility clinics and also the NHS, she focused on continuing to develop her Embryology skills, attending conferences and courses, and taking part in research projects involving analysis of time lapse imaging and trophectoderm biopsy practice. She also became a member of the Biopsy Focus Group and the Witness Focus Group, both aimed to pursue excellence of practice within the group in those specific areas.

Mercedes achieved the Association of Clinical Scientist Certificate of Attainment, and subsequent HCPC registration in 2019. She was promoted to Senior Embryologist in 2020, role which she has been enjoying since.

In the past year she has enrolled in a Leadership and Management Apprenticeship, and was recently named the chair of the Care Biopsy Focus Group.

Links to published work

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Oral Presentation: Retrospective assessment of second polar body alignment using time lapse imaging. M. Regueira, E. Cater, L. Jenner, G. Woodhead, C Lynch, A. Campbell, S. Fishel.  Northwest Embryology Annual Meeting by Vitrolife (Manchester, December 2016).

Oral Presentation: Side by side: Angle of extrusion of second polar body, relative to position of the first polar body, is significantly associated with clinical outcome. A. Campbell; I. Gallos; M. Regueira; S. Montgomery; L. Jenner; A. Wachter; S. Wheat; F. Foad; R. Smith; L. Nice; E. Armstrong;  S. Fishel. Fertility 2018 (Liverpool, 2018).

Poster Presentation: Effective use of preimplantation genetic screening following thawing, biopsy and re-vitrification of previously untested cryopreserved embryos. M. Regueira, L. Best, K. Jordan, E. P Power, M. Sedler, S. Montgomery, A. Campbell. Fertility 2018 (Liverpool, January 2018).