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Dr Seema Chulet - Clinician - Care Fertility Nottingham

Dr Seema Chulet

Fertility Specialist
An experienced IVF Fertility Specialist, Dr Seema Chulet divides her working time between Care Fertility Sheffield and Care Fertility Nottingham.

A very caring doctor who continually receives great patient feedback for her kindness and helpful manner.

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No joy can be bigger than the joy of creation and we will help you to bring that joy to your life!
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Seema Chulet


Seema Chulet (MD, DNB, MRCOG) is a reproductive medicine Fertility Specialist in Nottingham and Sheffield. Before joining Care Fertility around 3 years ago she was working as IVF consultant in India for many years and has extensive and in depth knowledge and experience of helping couples struggling with subfertility. She is polite, soft spoken and very passionate about her work.