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Dr Victoria Sephton - Chief Medical Director

Dr Victoria Sephton

Chief Medical Director
Dr Victoria Sephton is Group Medical Director of Care Fertility Group.


With over 20 years of experience, Vicky specialises in diagnosing and managing infertility. Her training was in reproductive medicine and assisted conception was under the guidance of Professor Kingsland at The Hewitt Centre Liverpool in 1998. Following this, she was appointed as Lead Consultant for the Acute Gynaecology & Fertility Service at Warrington & Halton NHS FT, where she established the satellite IVF service at Halton.


Vicky was appointed Medical Director for Assisted Conception Services at The Countess of Chester Hospital (Care Fertility Chester) in January 2019. In addition to her responsibilities at Care Fertility, she actively contributed to the development of the next generation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists by serving as a Training Programme Director and Less Than Full Time O&G specialty lead for Health Education North West.

From March 2022 onwards, Vicky has taken on the role of Group Medical Director and GMC Responsible Officer for Care Fertility. She oversees medical leadership, clinical performance, and excellence for 8 clinics in the North of UK. She chairs clinical focus groups responsible for reviewing and setting group policy, with a particular focus on supporting and guiding clinical training and development, as well as the management of recurrent failure and low prognosis patients.

Meet Dr Victoria Sephton, Chief Medical Director at Care Fertility, providing leadership and expertise for comprehensive reproductive care.