Elective Freeze All Cycles

Improve your chances of pregnancy with our Freeze-all IVF treatment

Instead of performing an embryo transfer several days after egg collection, we freeze all your embryos for around 6 weeks, or until we are satisfied that the lining of your womb is prepared and optimised for a thawed embryo transfer. This is also known as a Frozen Embryo Transfer, or elective freeze all cycles. The treatment approach is known as Freeze-all IVF and we are now offering this at all CARE Fertility clinics.

Freeze-all is being used increasingly in IVF clinics as it is proven to be best practice, necessary and effective for several groups of patients and also delivers benefits for all patients. There is emerging evidence that transferring your thawed embryo a few weeks after your eggs are collected, when the treatment medication is no longer in your system, can improve your chances of pregnancy.

Key Benefits of Freeze-all IVF:

  • strong success rates
  • improved planning - own your timetable
  • reduced OHSS risks

If you'd like to ask us any questions about our Freeze-all treatment, please contact our patient enquiries team on 0800 564 2270.