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Sperm cells swimming toward an egg to fertilise

Fertility Treatments

There are many individual Paths to Parenthood and our dedicated teams of fertility specialists will guide and support you at every step of your fertility journey.

To get a more interactive understanding with our specialists we run virtual events explaining the Paths to Parenthood every month, see our events page.

sperm meeting an egg on mulitcoloured back ground

IVF treatment

IVF can help with a range of fertility challenges and has helped millions of people to have a baby. You can find information explaining everything about IVF, including the IVF process, fertility challenges it can overcome, success rates and costs.

Gene editing in vitro genetic CRISPR genome engineering medical biotechnology health care concept with a fertilized human egg embryo and a group of dividing cells as a 3D illustration.

ICSI treatment

ICSI is an alternative method of fertilisation during IVF treatment where an individual sperm is injected directly into an egg. We recommend ICSI if there is a issue with sperm quality or quantity.

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Elective Freeze All Cycles

Instead of performing a fresh embryo transfer several days after egg collection, we freeze all your embryos for around 6 weeks, or until we are satisfied that the lining of your womb is prepared and optimised for a thawed embryo transfer.

sperm swimming towards an egg to fertilise

IUI Treatments

In IUI we select the highest quality sperm and inject directly into the uterus, increasing the chances of fertilisation.

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At Care Fertility we deliver truly exceptional patient care, our dedicated teams are on hand to support you at every stage of your fertility journey.
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