IVF & fertility treatment for over 40s

If you’re over 40 and want to have a child, we have the expertise and treatment options to help you.

Once a woman reaches 40, her chances of pregnancy decline.  There are fewer eggs available in the ovaries, and the quality of those eggs is reduced.  This means that potentially the quality of the embryo is also reduced. However, successful conception over the age of 40 is still possible. For 25 years our fertility specialists have successfully given women ivf treatment over 40 years of age, as our results show.

When you are considering treatment, we will be completely open and realistic with you about which of our treatments offer you the best chance of improving your fertility over 40 and what your own individual chances of success are. We will only recommend treatment that suits your needs, with complete cost transparency at all times.

What are the chances of success with IVF for over 40s?

Women over 40 have fewer eggs in their ovaries which means fewer embryos will be created. This, combined with diminishing quality of the eggs, leads to lower success rates in IVF compared with younger women. For women age 40-42 the chances of successful treatment are 20%. At this age the chances of conceiving fall by about 0.5% per month.

What are my chances of success with IVF for over 40s using my own eggs?

We advise caution attempting IVF with your own eggs over 43 years of age because of the low chances of success.


What are the chances of success for IVF with donor eggs over 40?

Use of donor eggs gives a much more realistic chance of having a baby as egg donors are younger than 35, and the chances of successful treatment are about 45%.


Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A)

Advanced maternal age increases the risk of a pregnancy affected by chromosome abnormalities. You can access the latest genetic testing techniques at CARE.

Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing assesses chromosome numbers in developing embryos, so only those embryos with correct chromosome numbers are chosen for transfer, increasing your chance of having a baby.  If you wish to consider PGT-A, your doctor will discuss all the different aspects of this treatment with you.



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