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Donation with Care

An inclusive approach with personalised fertility treatment and dedicated support for everyone on their own Path to Parenthood
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IVF With Egg Donation

If you need IVF treatment with donor eggs or sperm, our experience is unrivalled. Our egg donation programme is one of the most successful in Europe, our results are consistently excellent and we look after all of our patients with the highest levels of care and support. We care about your future.
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Understanding Surrogacy

Sometimes it takes more than two people to make a baby and if you are considering Surrogacy, we can help. Our teams at Care have been helping people to have a child through surrogacy for many years. We use all of our experience to make your journey to parenthood as supported and informed as possible.
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IVF with Sperm Donor

Sometimes, using your own sperm in your fertility treatment just isn’t an option – whether that’s because you’re having trouble with male fertility, or because you’re a single woman or female couple. If that’s the case, we could still help you start your family by using donor sperm with IVF.
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Shared motherhood

With Shared Motherhood, both individuals in a same-sex female couple can take part in the IVF journey to family as a shared experience right from conception. One partner donates eggs to her partner in IVF treatment, and is the ‘biological mother’. The other partner carries your baby and experiences the pregnancy.
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Egg Donation

Egg donation is an amazing gift that could help another woman have a precious child of her own. It takes a special person to consider donating your eggs, and we design your donation journey to ensure that you feel supported and valued throughout. Our top priority is your welfare and overall experience. You will receive excellent care and guidance throughout your journey.
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Sperm Donation

Our sperm donors can make a world of difference for people needing a donor. There are lots of reasons why people might need donor sperm, but your help can give them the chance of starting a family. If you’re considering becoming a donor and would like to know more about how to donate sperm we'd love to hear from you.