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Sperm Donation

There are lots of reasons why our patients might need donor sperm, but with your help, they might still have a chance of starting their family. If you’re considering becoming a sperm donor and would like to know more about how to donate sperm to our sperm bank, we'd love to hear from you.

Could sperm donation be for me?

How to donate sperm

How does sperm donation work?

Sperm donor pay: your compensation

Sperm donation FAQs:

Sperm donors are registered with the HFEA, which means anyone conceived using your donated sperm will be able to consult the register and find out who their donor was once they reach 18.

This requires serious consideration and will be discussed with you at your initial appointment.

At 16 years old, they will be able to find out non-identifying information:

  • Physical description
  • Height and weight
  • Eye, hair, and skin colour
  • Year and country of birth
  • Ethnic group
  • Whether you had any genetic children when they registered and the number and sex of those children
  • Other details, e.g. occupation, religion, and interests
  • Your parent’s ethnic group
  • Whether you yourself were adopted or donor-conceived
  • Marital status at the time of donation
  • Details of any screening tests and medical history
  • Skills
  • Reasons for donating
  • The goodwill message and a pen portrait provided at the time of donation.

From the age of 18, they can find out the following identifying information:

  • Full names (and any previous names)
  • Date of birth
  • Town or district where born
  • Last known postal address or address at the time of registration

It is important to note, however, you will not be the legal parent of any children conceived from your sperm, and you will not be financially or emotionally liable for their upbringing.

While we cannot provide any identifying information, we will be able to confirm the number of children born, their sex and year of birth.

When you donate your sperm to our sperm bank, we do our utmost to offer you convenient appointment times. We advise you provide a minimum of 5 samples, ideally produced within a two-month period. This frequency is flexible and will be discussed with you in clinic.

If you have any questions or want to find out more information about the sperm donor process, contact us to speak to a member of our Care team.