CARE Fertility Bath

Our clinic in Bath has been helping people to have babies for over 25 years.

Our fantastic team offer you fertility investigation, diagnosis and treatment with compassion and care.

We provide a full range of fertility treatments, including IVF and ICSI, egg donation and surrogacy.

Come and talk to us, we’ll look after you and give you the support you need. Give us a call on 01761 434464 to arrange a free 1-2-1 visit.

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Why choose CARE Fertility Bath?

Local care and expertise

CARE Fertility Bath (previously Bath Fertility which became part of the CARE Fertility family in April 2019) has been helping people to create families for over 25 years. 

NHS and self-funding options

We can help you whether you're looking for fertility funding on the NHS or self-funding your own fertility treatment. Many people who need fertility treatment are eligible for NHS  funding and we are one of the region's leading NHS fertility treatment providers. If you're planning to self-fund, we provide various funding and cost saving options for our patients.

Individual approach, tailored treatment

We believe that your fertility issues are unique, which is why we individually tailor treatments to ensure that you've the highest potential to have your own baby. Individual bespoke treatment programmes are provided to all of our patients.

Convenient location

Our warm and welcoming Bath clinic offers plenty of free parking and refreshments on site.


Our Bath IVF clinic specialties

The CARE Fertility Bath clinic offers all the CARE Fertility Group treatments, together with additional specialisms:

IVF – In vitro fertilisation combines an egg with sperm outside of the body, improving the chance of conception. The teams at CARE Fertility have consistently delivered high success rates for over 30 years. Over 30,000 CARE babies have been born so far.

Genetic services – Including diagnosis, screening, and reassurance testing, genetic services can help identify any genetic issues which may be preventing you from having a baby or an inherited genetic condition which as future parents  you may be concerned about. 

Donation programme – IVF using donor eggs is available, with all donors based in the UK and treatments adhering to HFEA regulations. Our Bath clinic specialises in IVF with donor eggs and egg sharing.

Recurrent implantation failure screening – If you experience a miscarriage or implantation failure, our screening can investigate whether there are hormonal, blood clotting, immune system, or genetic issues.

Fertility preservation – Freeze eggs and sperm to preserve fertility for an extended period of time, and have your eggs or sperm available for you when you’re ready to have a baby.

Same-sex couples – There are a range of IVF treatments available for same-sex couples, including surrogacy, and sperm and egg donation, to help couples start their families.

We will be running some Facebook Live sessions soon with Professor Kingsland, he’ll be answering all your questions about fertility. Keep checking this page for dates.

Join us at our Facebook Live event and get the answers to any questions or concerns you might have about your fertility.

How much will IVF cost me?

We've put together a guide of what your IVF costs could be. These are typical costs but remember each and everyone's treatment is unique and costs can vary.

For more information on IVF costs, view the full CARE Fertility Bath price list.

Meet the CARE Fertility Bath team

Our skilled and caring team bring together the best of internationally renowned medical expertise, cutting edge technology and support to offer our patients the very best chance of success.

helen-kendrew-min.jpg Helen Kendrew Clinic Director
david-walker-min.jpg David Walker Medical Director
ed-coats-min.jpg Ed Coats Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
kate-obrien-min.jpg Kate O'Brien Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
kate-kerr-min.jpg Kate Kerr Fertility Specialist
stephanie-gadd-min.jpg Stephanie Gadd Laboratory Director
sarah-bennett-min.jpg Sarah Bennett Laboratory Manager
paula-bot-min.jpg Paula Bot Fertility Nurse Manager
gill-aldridge-min.jpg Gill Aldridge Counsellor
What’s on at CARE Fertility Bath

Are you interested in learning more about fertility treatments available to you?

Come to our next Information Evening and meet our friendly team of experts. We’re here to put your mind at ease.

Our next Information Evenings are:

  • Wednesday 4th December 5.30pm
  • Wednesday 15th January 5.30pm

If you’d like to book a place, please call us on 01761 434464 or email Information Evenings at CARE Fertility Bath.


CARE Fertility Bath

Roman Way
Bath Business Park
Peasedown St John

Monday - Friday : 7.30am - 6pm

Saturday / Sunday : Closed


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Enquiries and making an appointment at CARE Fertility Bath

For all enquiries regarding CARE Fertility Bath, please contact Reception on 01761 434464.