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Our satellite IVF clinic in Milton Keynes is partnered with CARE Fertility Northampton. 

CARE Milton Keynes partners with CARE Northampton so expert help for our Buckinghamshire patients is close to hand. CARE Northampton has some of the very best IVF pregnancy results in the UK for every embryo transferred.  We also are able to offer pioneering treatments like pre-implantation genetic screening and CAREmaps that can further improve your chances of success.   

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What is a Satellite Clinic?

CARE Milton Keynes is a 'satellite clinic' to our Northampton CARE Clinic.  During treatment you’ll need to visit your clinic quite often, and we know that if you live some distance away this isn’t always easy. Thankfully with your Milton Keynes clinic, this means you have the ease and convenience of a clinic on your doorstep for the majority of your treatment.  You'll likely only have to attend the main clinic twice but you'll still benefit from the excellent results of our CARE Northampton Clinic.


What appointments do I have at the satellite?

You'll visit CARE Milton Keynes for most of your appointments such as :

This means you’ll only need a couple of trips over to the main clinic, CARE Fertility Northampton, for treatment;


Who can use the Milton Keynes satellite clinic?

The Milton Keynes clinic is available to all patients, both NHS and self-funding who are concerned about their fertility and wish to see our experts for their advice.


How much does it cost to use the Milton Keynes satellite clinic?

We don't charge any additional fees for using our satellite clinic.  If you'd like an example of typical IVF treatment costs you can view our price lists.


What are the success rates?

Excellent! We calculate our success rates as per the HFEA's current guidelines, pregnancy rate by each embryo transferred. As CARE Milton Keynes' IVF treatment is carried out by CARE Northampton, you can find their full results here.  By this measurement, CARE Northampton currently have some of the highest success rates in the UK.



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For more information, request an eBrochure or call CARE Fertility Milton Keynes on 01908 306 782.

Some of the Milton Keynes team

ghaly-hanna-consultant-gynaecologist-copy-min.jpg Ghaly Hanna Consultant Gynaecologist
bhavna-thankey-consultant-radiologist-min.jpg Bhavna Thankey Consultant Radiologist
julie-whitmey-nurse-sister-in-charge-copy-min.jpg Julie Whitmey Nurse Sister-In-Charge
sally-jones-outpatient-staff-nurse-copy-min.jpg Sally Jones Outpatient Staff Nurse
sarah-jane-piper-patient-administrator-copy-min.jpg Sarah-Jane Piper Patient Administrator

Information Events at CARE Fertility Milton Keynes

We are sorry to inform you that our in-clinic group Patient Information Events are postponed until further notice due to COVID-19. However, we are holding online fertility information events, which you can read about below, and we would be happy to discuss our services, and how we can help you, in detail over the phone. Please feel free to contact us on 0800 5642270 for further information. We look forward to speaking with you!



Starting fertility treatment – everything you need to know. Online fertility information event with Helen Kendrew, Clinic Director of CARE Fertility Bath and CARE Fertility Bristol

If you are considering IVF treatment, you’re likely to have questions about your fertility and your options. Helen Kendrew, Clinic Director of CARE Bath and CARE Bristol, held a live information event on our CARE Bath Facebook page on Thursday 30th July at 7pm, answering patient questions and talking about everything you need to know when starting fertility treatment – including the key things to consider when choosing a fertility clinic, especially during COVID-19. Watch this event below.

Charles and Zita with CARE: Fertility options for PCOS and endometriosis

In our new Instagram Live series, we’re bringing together two of the most experienced fertility practitioners in the country to chat with our patients live about everything to do with fertility treatment. In our latest episode on Thursday 30th July, Professor Charles Kingsland, our Group Clinical Director, and renowned conception and pregnancy expert Zita West, founder of The Zita West Clinic, discussed everything to do with PCOS, endometriosis and fertility, including your treatment options and things you can do from home to improve your chances of success.

You can watch the this episode of Charles and Zita with CARE below, and all previous episodes on our YouTube channel.


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